2019-01-21 – 20:20 h

The end of a long road has been reached; the soundtrack composed by Manel Gil-Inglada for the animation project Hullabaloo has been completed!


Here you have a brief video of the last piece, ‘Airship Pirates’, recorded one month ago in Bratislava and mixed last weekend at Mikel F Krutzaga‘s studio, where SoundTrackFest had the privilege to be invited. Enjoy this fantastic piece of music… and keep tuned for more news soon!


"Airship Pirates" from the soundtrack of Hullabaloo by James Lopez. Small sample of the Final Mix with the great Mikel F Krutzaga !!! Happy and super grateful to all those who accompany me in this great adventure. With Ferran Cruixent , David Hernando Rico and the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra. Ah ! special thanks to my friend Gorka Oteiza from SoundTrackFest."Airship Pirates" de la banda sonora de Hullabaloo de James Lopez. ¡¡¡ Pequeña muestra de las mezclas finales con el gran Mikel F. Krutzaga !!! Una vez más feliz y súper agradecido a todos los que me acompañan en esta gran aventura. Con Ferran Cruixent, David Hernando Rico y la Bratislava Symphony Orchestra. Ah ! y con un agradecimiento especial a mi amigo Gorka Oteiza de SoundTrackFest !!! #hullabaloo #soundtrack #OST #composer #filmcomposer #steampunk #hullabaloothemovie #2danimation

Geplaatst door Manel Gil-Inglada op Maandag 21 januari 2019