2021-04-29 – 20:35 h

The Krakow Film Music Festival is publishing on their digital video streaming platform “Play Krakow”, film music concerts from previous editions of the festival.


There you will find the great “AlterFMF Gala: Drone Sounds” concert performed in 2016, with the music and the presence of composers Jóhann Jóhannsson, Cliff Martinez, Joseph Trapanese & Lukasz Targosz.





You can also find the intimate piano concert ‘Cinematic Piano’ performed by Jean-Michel Bernard in 2017, with a delightful medley of scores from movies such as E.T., Indiana Jones, Mission: Impossible, Schindler’s List or Spartacus among many others.





To get access to all those concerts and many more for free, you just need to register at “Play Krakow”.


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