2023-03-03 – 15:40 h

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert invited Steven Spielberg and John Williams to talk about their collaboration together. Following you can watch a 5-minute video & a 10-minute video with excerpts of the interview:


John Williams & Steven Spielberg: We’ve Never Had An Argument In 29 Films Together (5m 19s):


How Music Becomes an Actor in the Films of John Williams & Steven Spielberg (10m 04s):


More videos (Interview with Steven Spielberg in three parts):


#1/3 – “I Don’t Look Back That Often” – Steven Spielberg’s Career-Spanning Interview with Stephen Colbert (7m 21s):


#2/3 – A Young Steven Spielberg’s Camera Lens Revealed a Hard Truth He Couldn’t See with His Own Eyes (9m 15s):


#3/3 – “There’s Something Out There” – Steven Spielberg on Alien Visitors, and an “E.T.” Sequel (8m 08s):