Apulia Soundtrack Awards – 3rd edition – Emerging Composer Award

The 3rd edition of the Apulia Soundtrack Awards, an International Soundtrack Festival that takes place in Carovigno, Puglia, Italy on July 4-6, 2024, has announced the 12 finalists of its “Emerging Composer Award”, with people from countries such as US, Turkey, France, Italy, or Spain, among others.


The list of finalists is:

  • Arin Aykut
  • Bohdan Fedor
  • Can Karacadagli
  • Carlotta Romano
  • David Parienti
  • Davy & Yoann Bernagoult
  • Francesco Persano
  • Giuseppe Bolettieri
  • Irina Prieto Botella
  • Marguerite de Galbert
  • Parker Phinney
  • Samuel Leloup

Apulia Soundtrack Awards - 3rd edition - Emerging Composer Award


The winner will be announced in just a few weeks in Carovigno in Puglia (Italy).


SoundTrackFest will be attending and participating the Apulia Soundtrack Awards 2024, and will bring you timely information from Carovignio, Pulia this July.


Below you can read about this year’s complete program of the festival, where among the guests of honor you will find names such as: Diane Warren, Pino Donaggio, Sean Callery, Jean-Michel Bernard, Gabriel Marini, David Imbault, Valeria Altobelli, and Ray Costa.


Apulia Soundtrack Awards - 3rd edition


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