Camille Awards 2021 – Winners & full video of the ceremony

Yesterday, April 8, the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance (ECSA) celebrated online the 2021 Camille Awards ceremony.


Below is the list of winners/nominees in the three categories of the award:

Best Orchestral Award

  • JOHAN RAMSTRÖM – Sara with All Her Being (Sara med allt sitt väsen) – SE
  • CHRISTOPH ZIRNGIBL – Finis Terrae – DE
  • GINGE ANVIK – Anskeladden : I Soria Morias slot – NO


Best Electro-acoustic Award

  • JOHN GÜRTLER – Systemsprenger – UK & DE
  • SØS GUNVER RYBERG – Cutterhead – DK
  • ANDRÉ DZIEZUK – Tel Aviv on Fire – LU & FR


Best Original Music for a Series

  • LABRINTH – Euphoria – UK
  • GAUTE STORAAS – Bröllup – NO
  • IVÁN MARTÍNEZ LACÁMARA & MANEL SANTISTEBAN – La casa de papel (Season 3) – ES


ECSA also granted a Special Camille Award to Spanish composer Alberto Iglesias, in recognition of his exceptional score for ‘Dolor y Gloria’, film directed from Pedro Almodóvar.


The jury in charge of choosing the best works was formed by the composers: David Arnold, Patrick Doyle, Sophia Ersson, Pascal Gaigne, and Eva Gancedo.


You can watch the complete ceremony here:


This special ceremony, in collaboration with FAME’s Studio Orchestra Music Recording Company, featured live and recorded moments, from the orchestral recording of the nominees’ scores to clips of movies and TV series, to interviews featuring the statues’ artist Caroline Brisset, the International judges, and many more.


More information about the Camille Awards:


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