Concert ‘Carles Cases diu Llach’ in L’Eliana (Valencia, Spain)

Next Saturday, August 25th, at 10:30 pm, Carles Cases will perform again at L’Eliana (Valencia), after passing through this town in November 2017 as part of the V Segles de Música festival cycle (read news).


On that occasion he divided his concert into two parts, one devoted to film music composed for the director Ventura Pons, and another to the Catalan singer-songwriter Lluís Llach, of whom he was an orchestrator and pianist during the 80s, and to whom he dedicated a recording that was released on CD in 2014 entitled, Carles diu Llach.


That concert, which delighted the audience, has led to the composer being invited again to L’Eliana (Valencia) to repeat the repertoire. The concert of November 2017 took place in a trio format, with Cases reinterpreting Llach’s themes under his personal musical prism, accompanied by Pau Lligadas on double bass, and Jordi Farrés, on guitar. On this occasion, however, the band will be bigger and more faithful to the recording, as wind instrument soloists will be added, as well as a string quartet.


The concert will also change the scenario, and if previously it was the Auditorium of L’Eliana, this time the stage will be the privileged environment of La Torre del Virrey, located on the outskirts of the town, with a program dedicated entirely to the aforementioned Carles diu Llach recording, which the composer will expand with more pieces from his repertoire.


Thus, in the open courtyard of La Torre, which will undoubtedly contribute to alleviating the heat of the summer, Cases will perform themes from Llach’s emblematic albums such as ‘I si canto trist y Alè’, in which he participated directly at the time, but also others no less referential as ‘País petit’ and ‘Viatge a Ítaca’, belonging to the decade of the seventies and that already belong to the popular culture of that era called The Transition.


The concert will, therefore, be a musical journey through the Llach‘s career, which will undoubtedly generate emotions and new generational encounters. The evening will be presented by the critic and writer Frederic Torres, who will trace a semblance of the professional career of Cases.


The tickets, with a price of 5-7 € are already on sale at the following link:*172&lang=c