Conferences and Games & Symphonies concert in October in Valencia

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Fans of video game music are in luck, since the weekend from 14 to 16 October and organized by Games & Symphonies and AEV – Games Students Association, will be held in Valencia very interesting activities related to video games and music, which will be encompassed by the events of the VII Student Game Jam.



On Saturday 15 October at 7:30pm, Games & Symphonies concert will be held at the Palau de la Música. A concert-show that combines the best video game soundtracks that include a multimedia show

Games & Symphonies - Concert 1


Its director Adrian Ronda and arranger Vincent Tobar, have adapted a number of issues of the most popular games in recent years to put them on stage together with the visual and multimedia experience of the hand of Juan P. Ordonez, director and producer of video games .

With a team of more than 100 musicians from symphonic band and choir (although without extensive string section), you can travel through the most incredible game of several generations for more than two hours of concert, creating a suitable atmosphere for all public, both for fans of video games to fans of soundtracks.

The plan is scheduled for the event:

5:00 pm – Opening doors and access to the Showroom at the Palau de la Música, in which you can try out the latest indies and virtual reality thanks to developments Games Made in Spain.

7:00 pm – Round table with event attendees composers in the same auditorium, the room Iturbi Palau de la Música.

7:30 pm – Concert Games & Symphonies

Ticket prices range from 23 € to 35 €, and can be purchased at the following link: buy tickets

Games & Symphonies - Concert 2


And because of the circumstances of the concert on the 15th, Games & Symphonies in conjunction with the AEV, the Foundation InnDEA Valencia and Las Naves, organized on Friday 14 October at 19: 30h conferences at the local Las Naves Valencia with composers invited to the concert, lectures will be very interesting for all those lovers of music, video games or both.

Games & Symphonies + AEV - Conferencias

In total, four Spanish composers of international renown (Damian Sanchez, David Garcia, Gryzor87 and Mateo Pascual) will discuss topics related to music in video games, offering a program of about 3 hours to cover from 7:30pm to 10: 30pm, and will have the following distribution of talks:

Conferences - Mateo Pascual, Damián Sánchez, Gryzor 87 & David García

7:30 pm – Damián Sánchez: The Music Rise & Shine

A live demonstration of how music Rise & Shine works from the same engine. He can see how music responds to the events of the game at different levels of the first chapter and music adaptive techniques used to it.

8:15 pm – David García: The Unreal Engine 4 audio

Basics of how the whole system audio Unreal Engine 4, tools and experience in the game Ninja Theory works.

9:00 pm – Gryzor87: Sound Systems retro video games

In the talk a tour will be drawn by the first retro sound systems, different trends and times will be explained, and will be finished talking about how to produce these sounds at the present time.

9:45 pm – Roundtable with Damián Sánchez, David Garcia, Gryzor87 and Mateo Pascual

Talk / roundtable of questions with all composers on the current state of music in video games.

Since the weekend from 14 to 16 October, the AEV organizes the VII Student Game Jam in Las Naves, Games & Symphonies and AEV launch a special offer that includes:

  • Entry into stalls for Games & Symphonies concert on October 15 and entry to the conferences of the composers of the 14th, for 38 € (35 € partners AEV).
  • Entry into stalls for the Games & Symphonies concert, access to conferences and access to VII Student Game Jam, for 48 € (38 € partners AEV).

The purchase of these tickets may be made on the following link:


And finally this news, some videos of what we can expect from the event will include:



Video Greeting – Mateo Pascual

Video Greeting – Damián Sánchez

Video Greeting – Gryzor87