Eric Serra & Tina Guo in Soundtrack Podebrady festival

The Soundtrack Podebrady festival, that takes place from Thursday, 30th of August to Sunday, 2nd of September in Poděbrady (Czech Republic), includes in its program several concerts related to film and video games music, with special mention to the thematic concert that will feature the presence of the French composer Eric Serra.


Let’s highlight the following events during the festival:

Friday 31st of August – 20h – Ondřej Soukup in concert

Ondřej Soukup is a Czech film music composer and producer, who has scored dozens of Czech and foreign TV series and films. This world premiere concert of his music will include concert suites from his most famous films with video clips in sync. Accompanied by a symphonic orchestra, he will perform the melodies of Kolya, Empties, Dark Blue World, An ambiguous report about the end of the world, The Devil´s Mistress, Requiem for a Maiden or Accumulator 1.


Tickets – 490-890 CZK (19-35 €):


Ondřej Soukup will also have a workshop on Saturday 1st from 11:30-12:30h.

Soundtrack Podebrady 2019 - Ondřej Soukup


Saturday 1st of September – 20h – Eric Serra in concert

Award-winning French composer Eric Serra, will bring for the first time his multimedia show to the Czech Republic, where he will perform playing a bass guitar together with his band, in front of a large screen projection and a great light and stage design. The program will include music from Luc Besson’s movies such as The Fifth Element as well as Nikita, Leon, Subway, Arthur and Minimoys, The Big Blue, Lucy or the Hollywood blockbuster movie James Bond: Golden Eye.


Tickets – 590-990 CZK (23-39 €):


There’s a VIP ticket option paying 5990 CZK (233 €) that includes Meet and Greet, photography with Eric Serra, and a bottle of champagne.


Eric Serra will also have a workshop on Saturday 1st from 13:30-14:15h.

Soundtrack Podebrady 2019 - Eric Serra


Saturday 1st of September – 22:30h – Vivaldianno with Tina Guo

Vivaldianno is a unique concert on the hopes and losses of the musical genius of Antonio Vivaldi, mixing baroque music with art-rock sound, modern dance, and large-screen animation. This concert, which all festival visitors can attend for free, will have the participation of famous cellist Tina Guo, who will be accompanied by giant screenings at the Poděbrady Castle. People will have the best view from the opposite bank of the Elbe River by the indoor concert hall or from the city island Ostrov.


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Tina Guo will also have a workshop on Saturday 1st from 15:00-15:45h.


Sunday 2nd of September – 13h – Give the Devil His Due – Live to Picture

The Czech movie ‘Give the Devil His Due (1985 – dir. Hynek Bočan)’ will have its world premiere on a large screen accompanied by a symphonic orchestra, performing live the soundtrack of the film composed by Jaroslav Uhlíř.


Tickets – 190-490 CZK (7-19 €):

Soundtrack Podebrady 2019 - Give the Devil His Due


Sunday 2nd of September – 18h – Kingdom Come: Deliverance

One of the biggest and most expensive Czech game projects of all time, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, will have the world premiere of its soundtrack in a concert with a large screen projection, playing live the music composed by Jan Valta interlaced with the medieval songs by Adam Sporka. Both artists will perform on the stage, with Jan Valta leading the Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra.


Tickets – 490-890 CZK (19-35 €):

Soundtrack Podebrady 2019 - Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Complete and detailed program:


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