The World of Hans Zimmer 2019 – Nov 6th – Milan – Brief Review and Pictures

After 6 months, SoundTrackFest has come back to the ‘World of Hans Zimmer’ tour, to find a show that has grown and has been perfected (if this was even possible). The show is now bigger and greater, with upgraded visuals, intense light effects that perfectly blend with the on-screen action, and with amazing performances.


Yesterday we witnessed the magic of this show in Milan, in front of a very committed audience, with Tina Guo doing her debut. She has been a fundamental part of the ‘Hans Zimmer Live’ tours, but she had never been with the ‘World of Hans Zimmer’ family. In the concert, she played the part of Marie Spaemann, who has started a tour with her own music to promote her new album ‘Gap’ (read more).


During the concert, Tina Guo amazed us playing the acoustic cello, changing the register from the electric cello we usually see her perform on stage. Her stellar moment in Hannibal, in a colorful red dress, and under the watchful eye of Doctor Lecter, was probably the best exponent of her art and craft, but we can’t forget other moments like The Da Vinci Code or Pirates of the Caribbean.


More shows are coming right away in Europe, so keep an eye on this link to see if the tour is going to be in a city near you:


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The World of Hans Zimmer – 2019-11-06 – Milan (Mediolanum Forum) – Concert


The World of Hans Zimmer – 2019-11-06 – Milan (Mediolanum Forum) – Rehearsals


Article by Gorka Oteiza

Pictures by Rafa Melgar