SoundTrackFest turns 7 years old today!! (1/9/2016 – 1/9/2023)

🎂🍾🥂 SoundTrackFest is proud to celebrate today its 7th anniversary (1/9/2016 – 1/9/2023). One more year, there you have SoundTrackFest, running full throttle, with thousands of followers on social media, who testify and support the strength of the project; followers that have to be thanked for their interest, their time, their support, and their affection.

SoundTrackFest turns 7 years old today!! (1/9/2016 – 1/9/2023)


SoundTrackFest continues working hard, establishing partnerships and collaborating with the most important festivals in the world: Krakow FMF, Fimucité, Roma Film Music Festival, Hollywood in Vienna, ISFMF, Musimagem Brasil, Ciné-Notes, Sonafilm, Film Music Prague… and even being part of the organization of the FIMUCS festival in Seville, which celebrated its second edition in January.


We do not want to overwhelm you with data, but we want to leave you some numbers, since throughout these 7 years we have published…


✅ More than 1954 articles and detailed news.


✅ More than 2944 micro-news or brief news.


✅ A total of 251 extensive special articles covering festivals, concerts, events, or recording sessions.


✅ A total of 67 interviews with composers, orchestra conductors, and many other professionals in the world of soundtracks.


📓 And all the above-mentioned content has been published always “two times”, that is, in two languages: Spanish and English!!


👫 But all this would not be possible without the team of collaborators that usually or occasionally participate in the project and are part of the ‘SoundTrackFest Family’: Gori Martínez, Rafa Melgar, Felipe Múgica, Asier G Senarriaga, Reme Díaz, Frederic Torres, Coque Cano, Benoit Dal Din, Jose Carlos Fdez Moscoso, Karol Taubinger, Juan Sierra, Tony Alicante Spain, Sergio Hardasmal, Carmen Ruíz, Curro Martín, Manuel García de Mesa & Josep Ferré, with a special mention to the designs of Diego Ruiz Expósito, and all of them under the watchful eye of Gorka Oteiza.


🎂🍾🥂 Thank you very much to everybody who has helped to make this happen! There is much to celebrate on this 7th anniversary!