The World of Hans Zimmer 2019 – Nov 7th – Zurich – Brief Review and Pictures

SoundTrackFest continues touring with the ‘World of Hans Zimmer’ family. After a nearly sold-out concert yesterday night in Zurich (Switzerland), now we’re headed to Frankfurt (Germany) for our 3rd concert in 3 days, across 3 countries.


The show is a perfectly oiled machine with musicians, singers, choir (Belarus Radio and Television Choir), and orchestra (Belarusian Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra) working together on stage, all of them under the watchful baton of maestro Gavin Greenaway.


And not only he leads the musicians, but he also hosts the show, doing some brief introductions and a beautiful welcome speech for the audience. Even if he only speaks English, he tries to make the show closer to the audience in every city, giving a welcome and opening speech in a different language, depending on the country.


Two days ago in Milan, he gave the opening speech in Italian, and yesterday night in Zurich he did it in German. So far, since the tour started in 2018, he has spoken in Italian, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese… and who knows how many more languages will come!


These are the words of maestro Greenaway:

Hello! How thrilled I am and pleased to be here with this wonderful group of musicians, singers, and orchestra. These musicians on stage come form all over the world, but playing Hans’ music has brought us together in what feels like a family. Music is this universal language, and speaks across borders and cultures. It is a communal language we all share. We are a big musical family, and we have a lot of fun playing the show. We hope to share some of that fun with you tonight.

With musicians coming from China (Tina Guo), Brazil (Luis Ribeiro), Colombia (Juan Garcia-Herreros), Venezuela (Pedro Eustache), Moldova (Rusanda Panfili), America-Israel (Gan-Ya Ben-Gur), Cuba-Argentina (Eliane Correa), Australia  (Lisa Gerrard), United Kingdom (Gavin Greenaway) or Germany-Spain (Amir John Haddad – El Amir), to name just a few, the World of Hans Zimmer is not only the world of Hans’ music, but also a perfect representation of the world out there, showing us that when people work together, regardless of nationalities, great things can be achieved!


More shows are coming in Europe soon, so keep an eye on this link to see if the tour is going to be in a city near you:


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Article by Gorka Oteiza

Pictures by Rafa Melgar & Gorka Oteiza