Krakow FMF 2020 – TV Series Gala

The Krakow Film Music Festival, which will be celebrating its 13th edition from Tuesday, 26th of May to Monday, 1st of June, 2020, has unveiled this Friday the name and the theme of the gala concert of this edition: TV Series Gala, to be celebrated on Saturday, 30/05/2020 – 19:00h, at the TAURON Arena Kraków.


Having, among others, composers Trevor Morris, Mac Quayle, Martin Phipps, Hauschka, Bartosz Chajdecki, and Łukasz Targosz as special guests, Krakow Film Music Festival will return to celebrate the soundtracks to the most popular TV series, after the gala dedicated to TV in 2015.


Performed by Pro Musica Mundi Choir and Sinfonietta Cracovia conducted by Diego Navarro (with Trevor Morris as guest conductor), and with Tina Guo (cello), Ania Karwan (vocals) and Einar Selvik (ethnic instruments), the program of the concert will be the following:

  • Mac Quayle – American Horror Story, Mr. Robot
  • Martin Phipps – Black Mirror*, **The Crown, **Victoria
  • Hildur Guðnadóttir – Chernobyl
  • Lele Marchitelli – The Young Pope
  • Hauschka – Patrick Melrose, Gunpowder
  • Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein – Stranger Things*
  • Łukasz Targosz – The Pack
  • Sonya Belousova, Giona Ostinelli – The Witcher
  • Trevor Morris – Vikings
  • Bartosz Chajdecki – Wartime Girls, Conspirators


* Adaptations: *Stefan Behrisch, **Edward Farmer

* Running time: 3 h (with intermission)


Special guests: Hildur Guðnadóttir, Sonya Belousova, Bartosz Chajdecki, Kyle Dixon, Hauschka, Michael Hirst, Lele Marchitelli, Trevor Morris, Giona Ostinelli, Martin Phipps, Michael Stein, Łukasz Targosz, Mac Quayle



  • Sonya Belousova – vocal, piano, hurdy-gurdy
  • Ania Karwan – vocal
  • Declan de Barra – vocal
  • Einar Selvik – vocal, ethnic instruments
  • Lindsay Deutsch – violin
  • Tina Guo – cello
  • Marcin Patrzałek – electric guitar
  • Raffael Seyfried – electronics
  • Mac Quayle – piano, synthesizer
  • Dominik Wania – piano
  • Wojciech Gumiński – double bass
  • Diego Navarro – conductor
  • Trevor Morris – conductor (featuring)
  • Pro Musica Mundi Choir
  • Sinfonietta Cracovia


In the words of the organization:

Krakow Film Music Festival returns with the soundtracks to the most popular TV series.


International TV Series Gala, presented during FMF 2015, was organized at the time when the popularity of TV series has just begun to rise. Not more than five years ago, the television music has not been treated on par with the one written for the big screen – still, it was the concert that set the trends that for the last couple of years have been ruling the film music industry worldwide. Each following year, TV series grab the attention of fans more and more efficiently and the subsequent Netflix or HBO productions are now drawing more buzz than cinema premieres.


During the TV Series Gala we will present the most interesting soundtracks that have been created for the most admired TV series of the recent seasons. In line with the FMF tradition, we give the stage to the composers themselves. There is going to be a direct link to the previous TV series concert: Trevor Morris with his music to the newest season of Vikings (with a key role of the soloist and co-creator of the soundtrack – Einar Selvik from Wardruna) as well as Łukasz Targosz with his composition for The Pack (featuring vocal parts performed by Ania Karwan). The Vikings suite, premiered back in 2015, so far has reached nearly 10 million views on YouTube while the other was one of the most well-received and acclaimed by the audience in the history of the festival.


TV Series Gala is going to present a wide array of music genres: from truly majestic, imperial sounds of The Crown and Victoria through nostalgic synth tones of the 80s in Stranger Things to a drone of Chernobyl that vibrates with nuclear power plant sounds. We will be thrilled by subtle piano motifs in Patrick Melrose and experimental notes of Gunpowder, scored with the use of a prepared piano, as well as by electronic, dark minimalism in the premiere orchestral arrangements of the soundtracks for American Horror Story, Black Mirror and Mr. Robot. The newest addition to the programme is an extraordinary treat for the FMF fans – The Young Pope suite, prepared personally for the festival by the composer Lele Marchitelli who is widely known for his long-time collaboration with Paolo Sorrentino.


What we also find unmissable is the music prepared by a composer loved by the FMF audience, the winner of the first Polish Soundtrack of the Year award, Bartosz Chajdecki who scored the TVP productions: Ziuk. Młody Piłsudski and Wojenne dziewczyny.”


Tickets for this gala concert, with prices between 50-100 PLN (12-24 €), can be found at the Eventim ticket portal and at InfoKraków Tourist Information Points:


The main program of the festival will be revealed in the following weeks, with announcements on 16, 18, 20, 23, and 31 December 2019, and 2 and 7 January 2020. SoundTrackFest will keep track of these announcements, and will give you additional information as soon as it is available.


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