FIMUCITÉ 13 – Video-Summaries

As usual, the Tenerife International Film Music Festival (FIMUCITÉ) has offered an extensive official graphic coverage of this 13th edition on its Facebook page, held from September 20-29, 2019. This coverage has included photos of each event, and also almost daily video-summaries, in order to bring the festival closer to all the people who have not been able to be in Tenerife.


As an introduction of the festival summary article that we will publish shortly in SoundTrackFest, here you have all the official video-summaries grouped in one single place:


FIMUCITÉ 13: September 20th, “Cinema Morricone”


FIMUCITÉ 13: September 21st, “Let´s Dance”


FIMUCITÉ 13: September 22nd to 25th, “FIMUCINEMA”


FIMUCITÉ 13: September 26th, “Randy Edelman: A Close Relationship”


FIMUCITÉ 13: September 27th, “My Favourite Fears”


FIMUCITÉ 13: September 28th, “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” in Concert


FIMUCITÉ 13: September 29th, “Champions of the Silver Screen”


FIMUCITÉ 13: “Film Scoring Academy 2019”