FIMUCS 2023 – Conferences on Music and Film

FIMUCS, International Film Music Festival of Seville, in its commitment to training and debate on the composition and production of music for film, TV, and video games, has published its master class & conferences program.


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FIMUCS 2023 - Jornadas sobre Música y Cine


In line with its first edition, during the mornings of Friday, January 27 and Saturday, January 28 will take place the Conferences on Music and Film, organized by the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of Loyola University in collaboration with SoundTrackFest. The venue for the conference will be, as in the previous edition, the Valentín de Madariaga Foundation (Avda. María Luisa s/n, Seville).


This event will feature various master classes and round tables with composers and professionals invited to the festival: José Nieto, Roque Baños, Zeltia Montes, Bingen Mendizabal, Koldo Uriarte, Víctor Reyes, Federico Jusid, Arnau Bataller, Manuel Riveiro, Luis Ivars, Zacarías M. de la Riva, Joseba Beristain, and David Hernando, dealing with topics such as the process of orchestral recording of film music, collaboration between composers, the use of virtual instruments in the production of soundtracks or audiovisual narration from the point of view of music.


Registration for this event is free of charge, and a certificate of attendance and achievement will be issued for the value of 1 ECTS credit, valid for university students and students of higher artistic education.


Students registered for the conferences will also receive a 25% discount on tickets for the two symphonic concerts of the festival, both for individual tickets and for the season pass of the two concerts (the organization will contact interested students to provide them with the discount code).



Friday 27/01/23, from 9:30 to 14:30

  • Virtual instruments, real instruments and everything in between. Arnau Bataller & Víctor Reyes
  • The heart of animated films: music. Zacarías Martínez de la Riva & Joseba Beristain
  • Composing with four hands. Collaboration between composers. Koldo Uriarte & Bingen Mendizábal
  • Selling your soul to the devil: Buyout contracts and TV platforms. Luis Ivars


Saturday 28/01/23, from 10:00 to 14:30

  • How to create a soundtrack and not die trying. Zeltia Montes & Federico Jusid
  • The process of recording film music. David Hernando & Manuel Riveiro
  • Music and narrative structure. Audiovisual narration from the point of view of music. José Nieto – Masterclass.


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