Game Music Festival 2022 – 4th edition – London

The Polish Games Music Festival will be celebrating its 4th edition on 5-6 March 2022, changing this time the usual location of the previous editions from Wroclaw (Poland) to London (United Kingdom).

Game Music Festival 2022 - Poster


As the organizers state in their official FAQ (read more):

Q: Why is GMF taking place in London this time?

While we are based in Poland, our mission has been spreading internationally since the very beginning of our activity. Producing a fully-fledged festival abroad in a prestigious venue was one of our aspirations, so when an opportunity arose, we decided to seize it and make this dream come true.


Q: Will the festival ever return to Poland?

The National Forum of Music in Wroclaw will always be the cradle of GMF. We would definitely like to host the festival in Poland once again when the circumstances are favorable.


Q: Do you plan to move the festival to a new country each year?

We do not intend to change the formula of the festival to an “on-the-road” mobile event. We will happily bring the GMF experience to fans worldwide, but staying true to our commitment to the highest quality.


Q: Is this actually the 4th GMF or a separate project?

The festival in London is not a side project by any means – we put all our hearts into it so you can expect only the best arrangements and performers on stage. This is the full next edition.


This 4th edition will include two concerts and educational activities with the following program:

CONCERT: THE JAZZ OF CUPHEAD – Sunday 6/3/2022 – 15:00h

Paying homage to the golden age of cartoons, Cuphead shook the video game industry with its bold style so much that a Netflix series based on it is already in production. Two cup-like brothers strive to repay their debt to the devil in a dynamic ‘rubber hose’ animation style – this setup deserves a proper soundtrack, and Kristofer Maddigan delivered.


Full of early big-band jazz mixed with ragtime music, the original soundtrack of Cuphead swiftly transports the listener to a world inspired by Duke Ellington and Count Basie, but always with a twist. All of this led to Cuphead winning the BAFTA Games Award for Best Music.


Bartosz Pernal Orchestra is a highlight among contemporary European big bands. They are given the honor of interpreting these vibes on stage, and they are up to the challenge, having previously performed the Jazz of Grim Fandango – another tribute to a cult classic game OST.


  • Artists: Bartosz Pernal Orchestra
  • Venue: Royal Festival Hall (London, UK)
  • Tickets: 25 – 95 GBP (30-114 €) – (buy tickets)
  • NOTE: VIP tickets are 95 GBP and include a post-show (16:30h) meet and greet session with Kristofer Maddigan, composer of the Cuphead

Game Music Festival 2022 - The Jazz of Cuphead


CONCERT: THE SYMPHONY OF THE SPIRITS – Sunday 6/3/2022 – 19:00h

Ori and the Blind Forest is remembered to this day as one of the most ambitious platformer games, thanks to its flawless mechanics and visual design but also because of the music. Composed by Gareth Coker, sublime melodies are combined with lyrical themes to form a warm and organic soundtrack. The universally acclaimed sequel, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, quickly gained a reputation of being a masterpiece in its own right, also thanks to an unforgettable score by Coker who is an Ivor Novello Award winner and multi-BAFTA-nominated composer.


Both of these soundtracks form the musical material of The Symphony of the Spirits, the second concert of Game Music Festival 2022. Maestro Robert Kurdybacha is no stranger to the music of video games, both as a conductor and arranger. He is an experienced academic tutor who wrote several fan-favorite symphonies for the previous GMFs.


The performance by Philharmonia Orchestra and Hertfordshire Chorus will take the audience on a journey through Ori’s world as never heard before. Woodwinds soloist Kristin Naigus is along for the ride: she performed all of Ori’s specialist woodwinds in the original soundtracks.


  • Artists: Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Robert Kurdybacha, with the Hertfordshire Chorus
  • Soloists: Kristin Naigus (woodwinds)
  • Venue: Royal Festival Hall (London, UK)
  • Tickets: 25 – 95 GBP (30-114 €) – (buy tickets)
  • NOTE: VIP tickets are 95 GBP and include a post-show (21:00h) meet and greet session with Gareth Coker, composer of the Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Game Music Festival 2022 - The Symphony of the Spirits



Saturday the 5th of March will be the day of GMF 2022 educational stream. During masterclass workshops, participants will be able to see the backstage of how audio is being created for games, as well as improve their competencies and learn many tips & tricks. Details of the educational stream will be unveiled later on. These sessions will be a unique opportunity to have a closer look into the world of music and sounds of contemporary video games. This can be very beneficial for everyone who plans to build a career in composing or designing sound for games.


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