Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra – Screen Symphony 2021 – TV Music concerts full of world premieres

UPDATE (23/01/2022): Concert available online (read more)


On November 24 and 25, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, the Swedish national orchestra, conducted by Ingar Bergby, will offer a unique, tailor-made television music concert produced in collaboration with Soundtracks Live, whose artistic director Mikael Carlsson has curated the program and contributes several new concert suite arrangements.

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra - Screen Symphony 2021


The idea behind the ’Screen Symphony’ is to offer a vivid live orchestral experience to an audience whose primary culture consumption during 1,5 years of covid 19 restrictions has been ’bingeing’ streaming TV series”, said Mikael Carlsson. “It’s almost of symbolic proportions to present music from those shows in a live concert scenario as restrictions are now lifted and concert halls open up again. From the small screen, in confinement, to a big symphonic live experience shared with others!


The concert program features no less than seven world concert premieres. Mikael Carlsson has arranged three of them: Ludwig Göransson’s double Emmy Award-winning “The Mandalorian”, Christophe Beck’sWandaVision” and Kris Bowers’Bridgerton”.


Of course, the 12-minute suite of ’The Mandalorian’ is considered the most spectacular piece in this concert, as Ludwig is Swedish and we’re all very proud of him. That suite is challenging as it features some of Ludwig’s typically complex rhythmic action writing, but also the unusual solo for bass recorder” commented Mikael Carlsson.


Other premieres in the concert are Rob Lane’s “Merlin”, Mathieu Lamboley’s “Lupin” and a 14-minute suite of “The Orville”, edited by Mikael Carlsson and featuring music by all of the series’ four composers: Bruce Broughton, Andrew Cottee, John Debney, and Joel McNeely. Also, a standout piece in the concert is the world concert premiere of Hildur Gudnadottir’s choral work Vichnaya Pamyat from “Chernobyl”.




  1. Carlos Rafael Rivera – Theme from “The Queen’s Gambit” (2 min)
  2. Rob Lane – Suite from “Merlin” (6 min)
  3. John Lunn – Suite from “Downton Abbey” (7 min)
  4. Nicholas Britell – Suite from “Succession” (5 min)
  5. Mathieu Lamboley – Symphonie de Lupin from “Lupin” (5 min)
  6. Kris Bowers – Suite from “Bridgerton” (6 min)
  7. Hildur Gudnadottir – Vichnaya Pamyat from “Chernobyl” (4 min)
  8. John Beal – Suite from “House of Cards” (8 min)




  1. Bruce Broughton / Andrew Cottee / John Debney / Joel McNeely: Suite from “The Orville” (14 min)
  2. Philip Glass / Paul Leonard-Morgan: Theme from “Tales from the Loop” (3 min)
  3. Christophe Beck – Suite from “WandaVision” (6 min)
  4. Max Richter – On the Nature of Daylight from “The Handmaid’s Tale” (6 min)
  5. Ludwig Göransson – Suite from “The Mandalorian” (12 min)