Harpa Award 2020 Nominees – Kåre Bjerkø – Denmark

SoundTrackFest, en colaboración con Nordic Film Music Days, os trae una serie de artículos exclusivos con videos de los nominados para los premios Harpa Award 2020.

Nordic Film Music Days

The fourth video is about the Danish composer Kåre Bjerkø, nominated for his soundtrack for ‘Det som Göms i Snö’ (‘The truth will out’) by Lisa Farzaneh.



Kåre Bjerkø has created simple music with strong emotions in several layers. From the very first moment, the music holds the viewer in suspense, momentum, curiosity and doubt.


‘Det som göms i snö/The truth will out’ is a Swedish crime series in 8 episodes. With no emphasis on arms or car hunting the emotional power is left as the core. Interpreting glances, stillness and thoughts weight higher than the actual outspoken words or actions.


This is supported simple and effective by Bjerkø’s music moving in the tension between a Swedish hymn and dark organic bass drones. The music is consistently the right places in every scene, plays really well together with sound design, supports the narrative accurately and helps in character building. And never falls for the temptation to control our feelings.


A throughout real pleasure!”


In Kåre Bjerkø’s words:

​​It is extremely nice when someone appreciates my work. As a film composer, you often disappear into the role of a form of craftsman, so this nomination is clearly something I am proud of.


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Nominee-film: Interview, camera & edit by Tine Louise Kortermand


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