Hollywood in Vienna won’t be celebrated in 2023

The prestigious film music festival & gala Hollywood in Vienna, announced yesterday that won’t be celebrated in 2023.


Below you can find the official announcement:

It is with a heavy heart that we would like to inform you that our Film Music Gala 2023 will not take place.


»Hollywood in Vienna« was never a project that focused on economic aspects. It was and is above all our enthusiasm for film music, as well as our desire to bring art and culture of international format to the stage, which gives us joy and inspiration. The ticket income alone cannot finance our gala concert. Therefore, we are very thankful to our long-term loyal partners!


But unfortunately we lost two of our main supporters in the wake of the Corona Pandemic. As a result – and due to the significantly increased post-pandemic technology costs – the Gala 2022 left us with a significant loss. Unfortunately, nothing has changed in this situation to this day and inflation made it even more difficult.


In this respect, despite all our efforts, we are unfortunately unable to get »Hollywood in Vienna 2023« off the ground. We are aware that this news is disappointing for you – the step of cancellation is very difficult for us ourselves. But we are also very grateful and happy that we have been able to celebrate this film music gala with you since 2007 and share wonderful memories with you.


My team and I would like to thank you so much for your many years of loyalty, which made this festive gala, which was broadcast in over 35 countries every year, possible.


We hope to be able to bring »Hollywood in Vienna« back to the Wiener Konzerthaus in the future and will be happy to inform you about it immediately.



Sandra Tomek & the »Hollywood in Vienna« team



Hollywood in Vienna has offered the best film-music gala concert in the world all over the years, with guests such as James Horner, Randy Newman, James Newton Howard, Alexandre Desplat, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, Gabriel Yared or Alan Menken in 2022.


SoundTrackFest would like to express its full support and best wishes to the great team of Hollywood in Vienna, who have given us so many years of joy and fabulous concerts. We hope to meet again in Vienna in a future edition soon!!!


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