Hollywood Music Workshop 2023 – Full Program

Hollywood Music Workshop will celebrate its 15th Anniversary from July 8th till August 4th, 2023, with a Spectacular Annual Summer Academy in Baden, Austria, taught by accomplished film music industry professionals: Amy Andersson, John Lunn, Conrad Pope, Nan Schwartz, Anne-Kathrin Dern & Dimitrie J. Leivici.

Hollywood Music Workshop 2023 - Full Program


Founded in 2008 by renown studio musician Dimitrie Leivici and Lilo Bellotto, Hollywood Music Workshop is an internationally acclaimed academy for film composers and music professionals, providing a unique educational experience that combines practical training, mentorship, and networking opportunities.


For the past 15 years, Hollywood Music Workshop has been at the forefront of music education, providing a platform for emerging composers to learn from and collaborate with some of the most esteemed professionals. This year’s academy promises to be the most exceptional yet, with an unparalleled lineup of masterclasses, workshops, and unique networking opportunities, in the picturesque town of Baden, Austria, known for its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes. Participants will have the opportunity to work closely with renowned lecturers, gaining invaluable insights into the art and craft of film scoring.


“We are thrilled to celebrate our 15th anniversary with an extraordinary summer academy in Baden,” said conductor and executive manager Michiel de Boer of Hollywood Music Workshop. “Over the years, we have witnessed countless success stories from our talented participants, and this summer academy will be a testament to the power of music and collaboration in shaping the future of film scoring”, says Conrad Pope.

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The anniversary edition of the academy will feature an array of exciting events, including workshops with acclaimed composers, live recording sessions with a professional orchestra, and a special gala concert showcasing the film music history from the golden ages until todays era. Additionally, the participants will have the chance to explore Baden’s rich history, immerse themselves in its vibrant music scene, and create lasting connections with fellow music professionals.


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Following you can see the list of courses offered during the Hollywood Music Workshop – Summer Academy 2023:

July 8-11, 2023 – Composers’ Conducting Immersion with Amy Andersson

This comprehensive four-day course will be focused on the core fundamentals of conducting. Participants will also learn the comprehensive skills needed to conduct confidently, clearly, and musically in recording sessions, rehearsals, and on the concert stage. Limited to 8 participants, this course is already fully booked.




July 13-20, 2023 – Orchestration and Arranging with Conrad Pope and Nan Schwartz

Schedule: 6 lecture days / two free days (one-day concert attendance)

Schedule: 9am-12pm / 2pm- 5pm CEST (course includes 1 day off)


This six-day course will provide an insider’s look at “orchestration” of film music. From basic instrumentation to complete execution of a score, every step of writing professionally for an orchestra in today’s film world will be addressed.  The course will include an overview of all the instruments and instrumental families of today’s orchestra, their characteristics, their strong and weak points, and how to use them effectively in an orchestration. Also determining the orchestra size for particular genres of scores as well as adapting to budgetary constraints will be discussed.


Course fee: 1.140 €




July 22-27, 2023 – Professional Live Recording with Conrad Pope & Dimitrie J. Leivici

Guided by Conrad Pope & Dimitrie J. Leivici, two of Hollywood’s most experienced and iconic film music professionals (over one thousand movies), participants will get to know the ins and outs of successful recording in the entertainment capital of the world.


Limited to 8 participants, this course will offer 50 minutes recording time with an experienced 40-piece session orchestra.


As a highlight for the workshop, HMW recording sessions will take place in the large concert hall of the Convention and Conference Center Baden (Casino Baden) as a live event.


Dates for live session preparations will be from July 22 July 26, to be held in Baden/Austria. They will include introduction and course description by Conrad Pope as well as the sound engineer, plus lectures, opportunities for one-on-one tutoring, and familiarization with such considerations as recording location and music preparation.


By the end of the fourth day (July 25) compositions must be submitted to music prep. On the fourth day of class, everyone will be present with their mock-ups and will be coached in regards to conducting their selection.


The Sound engineer as well as the recording equipment will be provided by the international renowned recording studio MG Sound.


Date of Recording Session: July 27. Each participant will have 50 min to record his piece.


Course fee: 3.500 €




July 29-31, 2023 – Composing for Drama, Movie & TV Series with John Lunn

Schedule: 3 lecture days -> 9am-12pm / 2pm- 5pm CEST


In this fifth edition of the course, John Lunn will explore with his participants all the ways on how to follow a storyline as well as the occurrences and situations presented in the movie. Students will learn how to express musically the story and the empathy behind it, putting themselves into the character. As a result, the story and the fates of people will reflect itself in the music.


John Lunn will bring, as a special benefit to the students, clips from the highly successful movie Downton Abbey 2 and the latest edition of the Last Kingdom series which were released in March 2023 among others. Participants will have the chance to compose their versions to them and receive extremely valuable feedback.


As a special highlight of John’s course, his students will have the opportunity to gather very important guidelines about being involved in the film music industry on numerous occasions in pleasant social settings such as pub visits after the regular teaching hours.


Course fee: 570 €




August 2-4, 2023 – Musical Storytelling with Anne Kathrin Dern

Schedule: 3 lecture days -> 9am-12pm / 2pm- 5pm CEST


During her 3-day course, Anne- Kathrin Dern will guide composers through the process of finding the best theme & how to adapt and stretch thematic material successfully. The course will have three modules, where many individual points will be developed.


Anne-Kathrin Dern is a German film composer and CEO of e-Quality Music Productions LLC, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. She is mostly known for her scores to the animated Netflix Original Fearless (2020), the Netflix Christmas movie The Claus Family (2020), Disney’s Four Enchanted Sisters (2020), and SONY’s Help I Shrunk My Parents (2018), as well as her collaborations with Klaus Badelt, most notably on the animated movie Leap! (2016) and the iGG video games Castle Clash (2019), Lords Mobile (2018), and Galaxy Mobile (2020).


Course fee: 570 €




Hollywood Music Workshop anima a los aspirantes a compositores, orquestadores y profesionales de la música a solicitar esta oportunidad sin parangón. Las plazas disponibles son limitadas, por lo que se insta a los interesados a asegurar su plaza lo antes posible para evitar decepciones.


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