‘Los Ángeles Film Conducting Intensive’ workshop

Today, Thursday January 12th, a composition workshop organized by Los Angeles Film Conducting Intensive (LAFCI) begins, mainly focused on young composers, and which will involve a total of 20 people, taking place over 4 days in Los Angeles (California).


Conrad Pope, William Ross and Angel Velez will be mentors and teachers of the composition workshop; renown and experienced composers as you can see.

Los Angeles Film Conducting Intensive 2017 - Poster


Los Angeles Film Conducting Intensive (LAFCI) se dedica a promover la realización de talleres y el acceso a recursos en línea, para ayudar a los compositores a mejorar sus habilidades y tener éxito en el podio frente a la orquesta. Así, LAFCI se dedica a proporcionar entrenamiento excepcional basado en prácticas pedagógicas en conjunto con profesores con amplia experiencia profesional.

Los Angeles Film Conducting Intensive 2016 - Student Group


This year’s first event will be hosted on the campus of Warner Brothers Studios, in a four day workshop that focuses on the craft of conducting, designed for composers of media. The course will cover topics ranging from baton technique, body movement, working with clicks, using streamers and much more, all to help composers be confident and effective leaders on the podium. Attending composers will have the opportunity to study and conduct great repertoire, and will prepare their own cue to conduct and record with full orchestra on the final day.

Los Angeles Film Conducting Intensive 2017 - Studio


The workshop will have two sessions with musicians each day, and will use a full orchestra the final day.  Each session is designed to allow the participant an opportunity to expand upon previous sessions, and will lead to apply previously learned lessons before conducting their own composition. Each conductor will be allocated 15 minutes of podium time for each session.

Los Angeles Film Conducting Intensive 2017 - Podium


There will be two levels of participation in the workshop: fellow or auditor, giving the first level full access and participation rights to all activities, and giving the second one only access to participation in discussions and in the events, but without the possibility to conduct the orchestra.


Entries, which were made in the months prior to the start of the workshop, were $ 2,700 for the fellow level and $ 500 for the auditor level.


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