Hollywood Music Workshop 2024 – USA Summer Academy – Detailed Program

After 15 successful editions in Europe (read more), Hollywood Music Workshop is launching its USA International Film Scoring Summer Academy, to be celebrated at Pepperdine University in Malibu (California, USA), in June 2024.


This summer academy will be taught by accomplished film music industry professionals: Steven & Julie Bernstein, Amy Andersson, Richard Gibbs, Conrad Pope & Nan Schwartz, and 15-time Oscar-nominated composer, Thomas Newman.

Hollywood Music Workshop 2024 - USA Summer Academy - Detailed Program


Following you can see the list of courses offered during the Hollywood Music Workshop 2024 –  USA – Summer Academy:

June 3-6, 2024 – Animation with Julie & Steven BERNSTEIN

Date: June 3 – 6 (Monday – Thursday)

Schedule: 10-1:00 / 2-5:00 PDT


One of the most daunting challenges a composer can face is writing effectively for animation. Anyone who has done it, knows that it requires the composer to possess a strong compositional technique. A successful composer in the animation has a fluent command of harmony, a mastery of counterpoint and knowledge of the orchestra; not only of the color and ranges of the instruments but their individual character(s). If that isn’t enough, one needs to have a sense of humor, irony, and drama, not only about music but about life! This summer at the Hollywood Music Workshop, we are fortunate to have two masters of the genre: Steven Bernstein and Julie Bernstein, who have been recognized with multiple Emmys.


If you have the technique to effectively score a cartoon, chances are you will be more than equipped to score a dramatic film. Explore the world of Animation this summer at the Hollywood Music Workshop. Ultimately, you may not ever score a cartoon, but the lessons you’ll have learned in this class will serve you well with whatever project you are involved in.


The ANIMATION classes will begin each day with a discussion of aesthetics as it pertains to music for animation.


A clip will be shown without the musical score and we will discuss the elements of the scene with attention to dramatics, character, timing, score set-up, special timbres and orchestration, as well as musical choices including harmony and melodic and rhythmic possibilities.


The actual scoring process will be discussed from spotting the cue, choosing hit points, finding a suitable tempo and laying out the score. Examples will be shown demonstrating each element discussed.


In the afternoon, students will score short clips for review the following day, after which the cue will be presented as scored by the instructors.


Julie and Steve will be available during the writing segment for problem solving, ideas, suggestions and anything else which may arise during the writing process.




June 4-7, 2024 – Amy Andersson – Composers’ Conducting Inmmersion

Date: June 4 – 7 (Tuesday – Friday)

Schedule: 10-1:00 / 2-5:00 PDT


The Composers’ Conducting Immersion course will be a comprehensive four-day course focused on the core fundamentals of conducting. Participants will also learn the comprehensive skills needed to conduct confidently, clearly and musically in recording sessions, rehearsals and on the concert stage.




June 7-9, 2024 – Richard Gibbs

Course description to follow soon!


Richard Gibbs is a leading Hollywood movie composer, and music producer. Starting his career as a session musician, he was playing keyboards in the band Oingo Boingo when in 1988 an unexpected opportunity to score a film led to a long career as a film composer.


He has worked on some of the very biggest movies and TV shows including Say Anything, Dr Dolittle, The Simpsons and Queen of the Damned. His studio in Malibu ‘Woodshed Recording’ is the musical home of U2, Chance the Rapper, Coldplay and Sting.


June 10-13, 2024 – Orchestration and Arranging with Conrad Pope and Nan Schwartz

Date: June 10-13 (Monday – Thursday)

Schedule: 10-1:00 / 2-5:00 PDT

This course will provide an insider’s look at “orchestration” of film music. From basic instrumentation to complete execution of a score, every step of writing professionally for an orchestra in today’s film world will be addressed.  The course will include an overview of all the instruments and instrumental families of today’s orchestra, their characteristics, their strong and weak points and how to use them effectively in an orchestration. Also determining the orchestra size for particular genres of scores as well as adapting to budgetary constraints will be discussed.




June 14-15, 2024 – Thomas Newman

Course description to follow soon!


THOMAS NEWMAN – son of composer Alfred Newman; nephew of Lionel Newman and Emil Newman; cousin of Randy Newman and Joey Newman.; brother of composer David NewmanTim Newman, Maria Newman – is widely acclaimed as one of today’s most prominent composers for film. He has composed for more than eighty motion pictures and television series and has earned fifteen Academy Award nominations, one Emmy Award, and six Grammy Awards.


He is the youngest son of Alfred Newman, the longtime musical director of 20th Century Fox. He studied at the University of Southern California and Yale University, and was mentored by legendary Broadway composer Stephen Sondheim.



“Early Bird” – booking until Apr. 15th, 2024

  • 4 days: $ 1100


Booking from Apr.15th, 2024

  • 4 days: $ 1200
  • 3 days: $ 900
  • 2 days: $ 600




SoundTrackFest and Hollywood Music Workshop have created an alliance to promote the art of film music, in order to increase the awareness on composing for audiovisual media, acknowledging the power of education in this field. SoundTrackFest will be present this month of June in the 1st edition of Hollywood Music Workshop – USA, to bring you detailed information about this exciting new Summer Academy.


Official statement from HMW director, Dimitrie Leivici (read more):

“WE HAVE FINALLY DONE IT! Hollywood Music Workshop 2024 will take place on both sides of the Atlantic!


Since its inception in 2009, this one-of-a-kind opportunity to spend one to three weeks with notable film music experts from Hollywood in a pleasant and social setting in a quaint Austrian town has attracted right from the start the attention of future and current students of media music from all over the world and far away places like the USA, South America, and Asia.


Many participants have traveled at high costs for transportation and housing in order to take advantage of our unique education opportunities.


Quite often the argument arose about why we had chosen Europe with its beautiful and unique settings as our workshop “headquarters” with the City of Baden as an event location and not the States or somewhere else for example.


So we came up with the entertainment capital of the world Los Angeles and nearby Hollywood as an additional location and finally settled for the incredibly beautiful campus of Pepperdine University in glorious Malibu, directly above its iconic beaches!


The University with its graciousness offered us the Music building and teaching facilities in order to fulfill the requirements necessary for an international music festival like HMW.


On top of that unbelievably beautiful settings, we were also able to attract the attention of numerous film music composers as faculty as our roster can prove.


On another positive note contrary to our facilities in Austria, Pepperdine is offering dormitory housing onsite at an incredible low rate as our website can explain.


Please feel free to browse at www.hollywoodmusicworkshop.com in order to select your preferred location, whether you choose traditional Europe or breathtaking California for a memorable learning experience with some of the real top film music experts Hollywood has to offer!


Make sure to secure your spot in your chosen class as soon as you can in order to qualify for a discount during our early sign up period!


Looking forward to seeing you this coming summer at either one of our iconic locations!”


SoundTrackFest y Hollywood Music Workshop animan a los aspirantes a compositores, orquestadores y profesionales de la música a reservar plaza en oportunidad muy especial. Las vacantes son limitadas, por lo que se insta a los interesados a asegurarse su plaza lo antes posible para evitar decepciones.


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