Hollywood Music Workshop – ‘WORKFLOW’ with Anne-Kathrin Dern [ONLINE]

The prestigious Hollywood Music Workshop summer academy, with 13 years of educational history, presents the online interactive course: “WorkflowHow to start and finish a project successfully” with composer Anne-Kathrin Dern.

Hollywood Music Workshop - ‘WORKFLOW’ with Anne-Kathrin Dern [ONLINE]


The course will be focused on how to get a project from an idea to the finish line on a deadline, with some interactive tasks sprinkled in. It will be happening online through Zoom, from June 17-19, 2022, with the following schedule: 9am – 1pm PT / 18h – 22h CEST (Three days, each day 4 hrs. teaching, every hour 5min coffee break).


The course will have the following program:

Day 1:

  • Introduction
  • Finding thematic material
  • Presenting ideas to filmmakers
  • Expanding themes / creating variations using different composition and orchestration techniques
  • Templates
  • Interactive task assignment
  • Q & A


Day 2:

  • Workflow, from spotting to final mix delivery (present real-life examples)
    • Spotting session and cue sheet
    • Admin tasks (NDAs, contracts, bookings, etc.)
    • Cue assignment and team management
    • Scoring to picture / mockups (Cubase)
    • Orchestration prep and MIDI cleanup (Cubase)
    • Orchestration, proof-reading, copying, librarian work (Sibelius)
    • Orchestra contracting and stage booking
    • Stem printing (Cubase)
    • Session Prep (Pro Tools) and engineer meetings
    • Recording and conducting
    • Q & A


Day 3:

  • Take editing (Pro Tools)
  • Mixing and Mix Print (Pro Tools)
  • Dub Delivery for final mix (Pro Tools)
  • PRO Cue Sheets and accounting
  • Q&A
  • Review of interactive task and feedback


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