Hollywood Music Workshop 2020 – Full program

Hollywood Music Workshop is currently celebrating its 12th edition from August 1 to 20, 2020, and as it is happening with most of the events that are not either cancelled or postponed, it is being celebrated online through Zoom.

Hollywood Music Workshop 2020 - Full program


Hollywood Music Workshop 2020 offers four different masterclasses that can be attended individually or as a whole, with an amazing line-up of top Hollywood composers, orchestrators, arrangers, and musicians: Garry Schyman, John Lunn, Joe Kraemer, Conrad Pope, and Nan Schwarz.


August 1-3 – Garry Schyman – Scoring for Video Games

This class is an intense three-day workshop distilling the essence of Garry Schyman’s experience scoring games, films, and television. The participants are challenged to write music and absorb a great deal of information, diving into composing for video games and learning some of the advanced techniques of writing music for this exciting genre.


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August 4-7 – John Lunn – Scoring for TV Drama Series

Hollywood Music Workshop covers for the second time the specifics of TV scoring, brought to you by one of the best in this genre. Learn how to compose for multi-episodic dramas and approaches specific to the TV format. Dive into techniques to keep a thematic arch across a TV series, while providing an individual score to every single episode.


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August 9-15 – Conrad Pope and Nan Schwartz – Orchestration and Arranging

This six-day course will provide an insider’s look at “orchestration” of film music. From basic instrumentation to complete execution of a score, every step of writing professionally for an orchestra in today’s film world will be addressed.  The course will include an overview of all the instruments and instrumental families of today’s orchestra, their characteristics, their strong and weak points, and how to use them effectively in an orchestration. Also determining the orchestra size for particular genres of scores as well as adapting to budgetary constraints will be discussed.


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August 17-20 – Joe Kraemer – Composing for Film – ‘Storytelling through Scoring’

Composer Joe Kraemer will share his perspective on writing music for Film and Television with a focus on storytelling and narrative structure, and the application of musical techniques toward those goals. Joe Kraemer will invite directors he has collaborated with during his 26 years in the business to the zoom sessions. The class will include assignments that encourage the students to develop the relevant skills for compelling narrative scoring.


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Score Recording – postponed to 2021 due to COVID 19

This module, with Joe Kraemer, Conrad Pope, Dimitrie Leivici, and Frankie Chinasky, was intended to give students 45 minutes with a 50-piece professional orchestra to record their own music, but due to COVID-19 has been postponed to 2021.


The aim of this module is to prepare students and guided them through the recording process. Their music will be recorded professionally at the Musikverein Wien with its outstanding acoustics, having also a detailed review with discussions among the participants and Joe Kraemer and Conrad Pope.


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