Irregular tour of TV concerts with the Cinema Symphony Orchestra

The Cinema Symphony Orchestra will kick off in December a tour of TV music concerts throughout Spain, which will have at least 9 stops between December 2016 and January 2017, with cities like Vigo, Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Albacete, Zaragoza, Valencia, Malaga and Donostia-San Sebastián in the list.


But this is where the “irregular” adjective that heads this article begins to make sense. It has not been easy to locate information of the tour, since in the official website of the Cinema Symphony Orchestra ( there is no reference to these concerts, which is disconcerting since a tour of this size, should have centralized and properly prepared information on the official website (like in the Film Symphony Orchestra – FSO tour).


In fact, most of the information on this tour appears on the website Eurospectacles (, which seems to be related to the promotion of the event, but neither is a reliable source of information, since when checking data about the venues or tickets, you can see that the event taking place in Badajoz for example, which appears as available in Eurospectacles, is canceled according to the official website of the theater.


The description gathered from the event, from which the program can be intuited (a program that does not appear anywhere), is the following:


Join the Cinema Symphony Orchestra for a thrilling journey through the music of famous TV series – from the deep space of Star Trek to sophisticated Manhattan in Sex and the City,from the warmth and comedy of Friends and The Simpsons through the mysterious worlds of Twin Peaks and The Addams Family, and on to Gotham City with the superheroes of Batman. From the daredevil exploits of The A Team to the paranormal universe of The X Files and beyond, these brilliant television soundtracks bring excitement, entertainment and ideas to life.


A huge success in concert halls and at music festivals both in Spain and across Europe, the Cinema Symphony Orchestra was specially created to perform the greatest hits of film and television for live audiences. Now you can celebrate great moments from some of television’s best-loved shows with striking and evocative music that inspires your imagination and stimulates your emotions.

CSO - GiraTV 2016 - Poster

After some research, these are the dates that have been gathered for the concerts of this tour:

  • Saturday December 3rd – 9:00 pm – Teatro Afundación – Vigo

Prices from 27€ to 34€ – (Buy tickets)


  • Thursday December 8th – 9:00 pm – Palau de la Música – Barcelona

Prices from 29€ to 56€ – (Buy tickets)


  • Wednesday december 14th – 9:00 pm – Teatro López de Ayala – Badajoz [CANCELLED]

Prices from 30€ – (Buy tickets)

Cancellation confirmation


  • Thursday December 15th – 10:30pm – Auditorio Nacional – Madrid

Prices from 39€ to 50€ – (Buy tickets)


  • Sunday December 18th – 7:00pm – Palacio Euskalduna – Bilbao

Prices from 42€ to 44€ – (Buy tickets)


  • Thursday December 22nd – 9:00pm – Teatro Circo – Albacete

Prices from 26€ to 28€ – (Buy tickets)


  • Friday December 23rd – 8:00pm – Auditorio de Zaragoza – Zaragoza

Fixed Price of 40€ – (Buy tickets)


  • Friday December 30th – 5:00pm – Palau de la Música de Valencia – Valencia

Prices from 25€ to 45€ – (Buy tickets)


  • Wednesday January 4th 2017 – 5:30pm – Teatro Cervantes – Málaga

Prices from 22€ to 58€ – (Buy tickets)


  • Saturday January 7th 2017 – 9:00pm – Kursaal – Donostia-San Sebastián

Fixed Price of 45€ – (Buy tickets)


In summary and returning with the adjective “irregular” that heads this article, there is a bittersweet feeling with the tour, since being less than 3 weeks to start, there is no information on the official website of the Cinema Symphony Orchestra about the concerts , there is no detailed information of the program, and at least one of the concerts that appears as advertised, Badajoz, is canceled on the official website of the theater that will host it, but it is still coming out as available in Eurospectacles.