‘New’ tour of the Cinema Symphony Orchestra – Great hits of cinema

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Although yesterday was news the curious and irregular tour of concerts of “The best music of TV series” that starts in December the Cinema Symphony Orchestra (see news), today it is the tour of great successes of the cinema that also starts the same one Orchestra, and that apparently, will be interlaced (not to say they are the same tour but changing repertoire according to the dates and places, as we will see later).


Under the name “Grandes Éxitos de la Música de Cine“, this series of concerts will cover the Spanish geography from the end of December to mid January 2017, passing through cities like Málaga, Madrid, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Bilbao and Valencia by example

CSO - Cinema Tour 2016 - Poster


As with the TV tour commented yesterday, there is no centralized place where to consult the information, being the most complete source, not the most reliable, the web Eurospectacles (http://eurospectacles.com/), promoter of the event.


Interestingly, since yesterday on SoundTrackFest the news of the concert of music concerts of TV series was published, the content of Eurospectacles has changed, since three of the concerts announced yesterday as concerts of television music, ¡¡have changed to be concerts of great successes of the cinema !!!, concretely:

  • Thursday December 22nd – 21:00h – Teatro Circo – Albacete
  • Friday December 23rd – 20:00h – Auditorio de Zaragoza – Zaragoza
  • Saturday Januray 7th 2017 – 21:00h – Kursaal – Donostia-San Sebastián


In fact, it can be verified that:

In the concert of Albacete, in the official web of the theater it continues coming out that it is a concert of music of series of TV and not of cinema.

CSO - 2016-12-22 - Albacete - Change from TV to Cinema


In addition, the poster that appears is the old one, from a few months ago, and is based on the series Game of Thrones, reference that in the current version has completely disappeared as can be seen in this comparative image:

CSO - 2016 - TV - Poster comparison

On the other hand, in the concert of Saragossa, in the official web of the auditorium they have left record of the change of TV to cinema by the promoter – Eurospectacles.

CSO - 2016-12-23 - Saragossa - Change from TV to Cinema

We reproduce the texts that have been located with information of the concert and the program (although it is not known if they will be the official ones):

Out of Africa, Gone with the Wind, Back to the Future, Gladiator … and other great soundtracks come out of theaters to get to a symphony room and demonstrate that they have a life of their own apart from the images.

The Cinema Symphony Orchestra presents a program that will excite all moviegoers but also music lovers in general, with the immortal melodies that helped to consecrate some of the highest-grossing and award-winning films in the history of the seventh art. Universal pieces that are part of the collective memory and continue to excite us just as in the day they made the movies

Various – James Bond
John Barry – Out of Africa
John Williams – Schindler’s List
John Williams – E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial
John Williams – Indiana Jones
Klaus Badelt / Hans Zimmer – Pirates of the Caribbean
John Williams – Star Wars
Various – Ghostbusters
Alan Silvestri – Back to the future
Hans Zimmer – Gladiator
Bill Conti – Rocky
Basil Poledouris – Conan
Thomas Newman – The scent of a woman
Scott Joplin – The Sting
Max Steiner – Gone with the wind
John Barry – Dances with wolves
and others

And then the dates that have been collected for the concerts of this “new” tour (in red those that have gone from being concerts of “The best music of TV series” to “Great hits of music of Cinema “):

  • Thursday 22nd of December – 21:00h – Teatro Circo – Albacete

Fixed price 34€ – (Comprar Entradas)


  • Friday 23rd of December – 20:00h – Auditorio de Zaragoza – Zaragoza

Fixed price 40€ – (Comprar Entradas)


  • Tuesday 27th of December – 19:30h – Teatro Auditorio San Lorenzo de El Escorial – San Lorenzo de El Escorial

Fixed price 34€ – (Comprar Entradas)


  • Friday 30th of December – 20:30h – Teatro Nuevo Apolo – Madrid

Prices from 35€ to 48€ – (Comprar Entradas)


  • Tuesday 3rd of January 2017 – 17:30h – Teatro Cervantes – Málaga

Prices from 22€ to 58€ – (Comprar Entradas)


  • Saturday 7th of January 2017 – 21:00h – Kursaal – Donostia-San Sebastián

Fixed price 45€ – (Comprar Entradas)


  • Sunday 8th of January 2017 – 19:00h – Palacio Euskalduna – Bilbao

Prices from 42€ to 44€ – (Comprar Entradas)


  • Wednesday 11th of January 2017 – 20:00h – Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía – Valencia

Prices from 38€ to 45€ – (Comprar Entradas)


To sum up the situation and ending this long story, one last curiosity: if we compare the dates of both “tours” (previous news), we can observe that on December 30 the Cinema Symphony Orchestra has two concerts simultaneously, one in Valencia and one in Madrid !!


Image from the web Eurospectacles:

Web Eurospectacles - 30/12/2016


If we add to this the fact that three of the concerts that were of television music have became cinema concerts overnight, the truth is that the word irregular is more present than ever.


Being good news that concerts of cinema music are proliferating, there is a bad sensation for the facts reported, as the doubt about the quality of the event is very big.


Thus, instead of encouraging the public to go to the concert halls to listen to film and TV music, with so much change of program, simultaneous concerts and cancellations that are not announced, you can get the opposite effect, disappoint and keep away the public, by missing seriousness in the organization.