Joe Hisaishi – New York 2022

UPDATE (17/1/2022): Concerts have been postponed (read more)

UPDATE (6/2/2022): New dates announced (read more)


The show ‘Joe Hisaishi Symphonic Concert: Music from the Studio Ghibli Films of Hayao Miyazaki’ will come to Radio City Music Hall in New York, on January 24, 25, 26 & 27, 2022, with composer Joe Hisaishi leading the American Symphony Orchestra.

Joe Hisaishi - New York 2022


This event celebrates the illustrious partnership between acclaimed composer Joe Hisaishi and beloved filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. As longstanding friends and collaborators, Hisaishi and Miyazaki have worked together for over thirty years, in which they have produced ten films for the renowned production house Studio Ghibli.


In this concert, Joe Hisaishi’s celebrated scores – including those from Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro and the Oscar-winning Spirited Away – will be performed with a full orchestra and choir, with 150 musicians and singers on stage, conducted by Joe Hisaishi himself and accompanied with montages from Miyazaki’s films.