John Williams – Maestro of the Movies – Hollywood Bowl 2021

After more than a year closed due to the effects of the pandemic, the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles is back and yesterday announced the concerts that will comprise the 2021 summer season.


In that announcement, we can find the traditional annual ‘Maestro of the Movies’ concerts performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic conducted by John Williams and David Newman.

John Williams - Maestro of the Movies - Hollywood Bowl 2021


These concerts will be happening on the first weekend of September: from Friday 4 till Sunday 5, September 2021, celebrating the memorable music of Williams, and other scores that provide emotional heartbeat from some of Hollywood’s most beloved films. NOTE: Detailed program has not been announced yet.


Tickets will go on sale May 27 in packages, and June 1 individually, on the following links:

  • Friday 3/9/2021 – 20:00h – (tickets) ($ 14-207 / 12-176 €)
  • Saturday 4/9/2021 – 20:00h – (tickets) ($ 26-228 / 22-194 €)
  • Sunday 5/9/2021 – 19:30h – (tickets) ($ 20-213 / 17-182 €)


Promotional video – Hollywood Bowl – Summer 2021 (‘The Wait is Finally Over’):


More information:


Official website:


SoundTrackFest will keep track of these concerts, and will bring you more information as it is available.