Krakow FMF 2016 – Alexandre Desplat winner of 2nd Kilar Award

French composer Alexandre Desplat has been the winner of the 2nd Kilar Award given by the Kraków Film Music Festival, and which celebrates its ninth edition next week, from 24th to 30th of May (the first Kilar Award was given in 2015 to prestigious composer Eliot Goldenthal).

Alexandre Desplat, who has accepted an invitation to go to Poland, will be present on May 24th during the gala awards ceremony at the National Polish Radio Symphonic Orchestra Hall in Katowice, on the occasion of the thematic concert Scoring4Polański, dedicated to the music composed for the films of Roman Polánski.

The list of themes that are expected to be played in this concert is as follows:

Wojciech Kilar — “Moving to The Ghetto” from The Pianist

Wojciech Kilar — “Vocalise” from The Ninth Gate

Wojciech Kilar — Death and The Maiden Suite

Krzysztof Komeda — “Ballada for Bernt” from Knife in the Water

Krzysztof Komeda — Rosemary’s Baby Suite

Krzysztof Komeda — Theme from Cul-de-Sac

Krzysztof Komeda — Main Theme from Fearless Vampire Killers

Krzysztof Komeda — Two Men and a Wardrobe Suite

Philippe Sarde — The Tenant Suite

Philippe Sarde — Tess Suite

Ennio Morricone — Frantic Suite

Alexandre Desplat — Ghost Writer Suite

Alexandre Desplat — Carnage Suite

Alexandre Despalt — Venus in Fur Suite

Jerry Goldsmith — Chinatown Suite

FMF 2016 - Concert Promo

Also, Alexandre Desplat is expected to be present in Krakow on the 25th in the reprise of the concert (same repertoire but without the gala ceremony), and his music will also be played in the Animation Gala concert which will be held on Saturday 27th in the Tauron Arena of Krakow. According to an statement by the award-winning composer: “it is a great honor to be the winner of the Wojciech Kilar Award, a composer who I have admired for a long time, and that has influenced my work, as he has done in many other composers of my generation. I want to go to Poland, for the first time, and be received with such honors. It will certainly be a wonderful tribute to the great Roman Polanski, an artist and a man who I appreciate, admire, and I am lucky to call friend.