Magic and adventure with John Williams’ music in Malaga

The Philharmonic Orchestra of Málaga (OFM), conducted by Arturo Diéz Boscovich, will offer a concert called “Magic and adventure with John Williams” next Sunday February 19th – 12:00pm at the Cervantes Theatre of Malaga.

OFM & Arturo Díez Boscovich


The program, which will consist of a selection of the music of Indiana Jones and Harry Potter sagas, composed by John Williams, will be the following:

Indiana Jones

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark – The Raiders March
  • Marion’s Theme
  • The Basket Game
  • The Map Room: Dawn
  • The Mine Car Chase
  • Irina’s Theme
  • A Whirl Through Academe
  • Call of the Crystal
  • Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra (from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)
  • Anything Goes
  • End Credits (from Indiana Jones and the temple of doom)


Harry Potter

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Suite

1. Hedwig’s Flight

2. Hogwarts Forever

3. Voldemort

4. Nimbus 2000

5. Fluffy and his Harp

6. Quidditch

7. Family Portrait

8. Diagon Alley

9. Harry’s Wondrous World

  • Aunt Marge’s Waltz
  • A bridge to the Past
  • Fawkes the Phoenix
  • The Chamber of Secrets


With a fixed price of € 15, tickets for this concert can be purchased at: