Manel Gil-Inglada winner in the 1st Film Composer’s Challenge Award

Manel Gil-Inglada with his music for the short film “EVO”, has been the winner of the “Excellence in film composing” in the 1st edition of the Film Composer’s Challenge Award.

Film Composer's Challenge Award - Manel Gil-Inglada - EVO


According to the statement issued by the festival directors “The jurors, in unanimity, would like to especially highlight the wonderful score for the short film EVO composed by Manel Gil-Inglada. His impeccable score is a testament to his obviously great attention to detail not only from a musical and compositional standpoint, but also with regard to orchestration, recording and mix. He and his talented team of technicians and musicians have reached a stellar level in the sound they have created, which truly does justice to the music and the film.


The Film Composer’s Challenge Award is a brand-new online, bimonthly film music festival with an exclusive focus on promoting and encouraging excellence and innovation in film scoring, and is open to all composers, with no age, gender, or geographical limitations.


Music of all genres composed for film, television, and other audiovisual media will be considered with the objective of providing a valid promotional tool to deserving and talented film composers, regardless of their current visibility level or experience.


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And as for the winning music of the short film EVO, we can enjoy an excerpt in the following video: