Roma FMF 2022 – Starts today!! – Masterclasses & concerts

Today, Monday, September 26, starts the Roma Film Music Festival, which be celebrating its 1st edition till 02.10.2022 in Rome, Italy, with masterclasses, workshops, concerts, and more activities.


Soon we will bring you complete and detailed information, but meanwhile, you can read more about the first activities of the festival here:

MASTERCLASSES (26 – 28/9/2022)

The master classes will offer the secrets of the complex and fascinating art of mixing sound and images, from the hand of some of its main protagonists. Exclusive meetings open to the general public, on new entertainment scenarios and new musical avenues for the audiovisual genre, organized in collaboration with the ACMF – Associazione Compositori Musica da Film / Association of Film Music Composers.


You can read more here:

Roma FMF 2022 - Starts today!! - Masterclasses & concerts


The ACMF has also organized two special reduced format concerts, to be celebrated today, Monday 26, and tomorrow, Tuesday 27 @ 21h, at Studio A in Forum Studios, with exceptional musicians, uniting four generations of film music composers.


The program will be as follows:

Roma FMF 2022 - Starts today!! - Masterclasses & concerts



    • Marco Quaranta violino
    • Rita Gucci violino
    • Achille Taddeo viola
    • Sara Gentile violoncello
    • Luca Pincini violoncello Gilda Buttà pianoforte
    • Rossano Baldini pianoforte
    • Massimo Ceccarelli contrabbasso
    • Simone Salza clarinetto
    • Paolo Verrecchia oboe


A unique opportunity for a limited number of people to attend the festival’s most intimate and exclusive event.


Tickets (11€):

Roma FMF 2022 - Starts today!! - Masterclasses & concerts


SoundTrackFest is very proud to be a partner of Roma FMF, and we will bring you more information from Rome. Keep tuned!


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