SONAFILM 2023 – Preview and dates

While the official announcement with detailed dates and programming arrives, Javier Gil Pérez, artistic director of the SONAFILM festival, has advanced in an interview recently published in the digital newspaper “El Mirall de la Marina”, that the 5th edition will be held from August 18 to 26.

SONAFILM 2023 - Preview and dates


In addition to the municipalities of Ondara, Dénia, and El Verger, the Teulada Moraira and Calp will join SONAFILM 2023, thus including 5 municipalities of the Marina Alta in Alicante, Spain.


The article also highlighted the signing of the collaboration agreement with the prestigious International Film Music Festival of Tenerife – Fimucité.


SoundTrackFest, is proud to be a partner of the festival since its first edition, and to continue supporting SONAFILM one more year.


Here are some excerpts from the interview (full interview):

“This year apart from Ondara, Denia and El Verger we are fortunate to have the Auditori Teulada Moraira and Calp that will also be part of the Festival enhancing the partnership that characterizes us so much. Today our Festival is very well seen nationally and in different specialized media, so we can no longer speak of consolidating the festival, the Sonafilm is already more than consolidated and the new towns to be added have to enter to contribute, not to fill or to be for the sake of being.”


“As of today in the Festival are adhered localities in which govern political parties completely opposed to each other and this has not been a cause of any problem, on the contrary, so it is a very positive point that I want to emphasize and thank the politicians of Ondara, Denia, El Verger, Calp and Teulada Moraira who work in this precious project.”


“The shows have already been chosen since before December, both the musicals in each town and the events that we will carry out pedagogical, book presentations and screenings and we have many new features compared to last year. This year the Festival will have five musical shows, one in each town.


For the first time the Sonafilm will have 9 days, from August 18 to 26, in which the public can enjoy two symphonic concerts by the Universal Symphony Orchestra, one, in Calp, dedicated to film music by Spanish composers in which we will have the presence of themselves and among which we can find Goya award winners and composers who are currently working on films and series both national and international and for platforms and production companies such as Netflix or Amazon, and the second concert the already mythical closing concert of the festival in the bullring of Ondara, which this year we raise the stakes even more after the concert of Morricone and we will have a symphonic concert Fimucité project with the presence of Diego Navarro as Director of the orchestra and a very very famous singer who will accompany the orchestra and that I can only advance that the setting of the concert will be on the soundtracks of a legendary action saga that recently turned 60 years old. “


“Another novelty that we have is the introduction of a show of Video Game Music, we have already been participating with the orchestra in different concerts of Soundtracks of sagas like “Assassin’s Creed” or “The Legend of Zelda” and it was clear that if a new location entered one of the new concepts I wanted to incorporate was this, so hand in hand with a Valencian group specializing in video game music, we will be able to enjoy a new, modern and fresh show in the Auditori de Teulada Moraira. Then we will also have a Valencian ensemble the Valencia BrassBand that will bring us an impressive show, with more than 30 musicians and that gives continuity to the concerts performed last year already in l’Auditori Casa de Cultura de El Verger.”


“And finally and also with the Fimucité label, we will have the famous orchestra formed by 13 musicians and singers from the Canary Islands, the “Pop Culture Band” in Denia, which will offer us an impressive show, “Tarantino Unchained” with the best songs from the Films of the famous director in a colossal staging. The other events that are not musical as such we cannot reveal them yet, but they are also going to be very attractive for the public.”


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