SoundTrack_Cologne 16 – Full program and guest composers

SoundTrack_Cologne celebrates its 16th Edition in a couple of weeks, from August 28th to 31st, 2019 in Cologne (Germany), and in this article you will find information about the full program, which includes more than 50 events.


SoundTrack_Cologne is Germany’s most popular conference of Music and Sound in Movies, TV and Games, and one of the biggest events in its category in Europe. With numerous workshops, panels, and lectures by experienced composers, the congress offers inspiring input to professionals, students, and music enthusiasts, altogether with networking events that provide connecting opportunities.


During the congress, “See The Sound” film program is held, showing a broad array of connecting image and sound, and bringing music films which are otherwise seldom found in the big screen.


The congress is divided mainly into three different thematic days dedicated to Games, Film, and TV respectively.


GAMES - Thursday 29th of August

Composers Wilbert Roget II (Call of Duty: WWII, Mortal Kombat 11, Star Wars: The Old Republic), Jack Wall (Call of Duty: Black Ops II, III & IIII, Mass Effect I & II, the Myst series), and Michael McCann (Borderlands, Deus Ex: Human Revolution) will be the main guests of this day, where they will talk about the characteristics of video game scores, personal experiences, and upcoming projects, being also available for questions from the audience.

A roundtable panel discussion will be celebrated at the end of the day entitled ‘Composing for Games: Panel Discussion’ moderated by Helge Borgarts with all the participation of all the composers.

SoundTrack_Cologne 16 - Games


FILM - Friday 30th of August

Composers John Murphy (Kick-Ass, Sunshine, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), Amelia Warner (Mary Shelley), Davíd Thor Jónsson (Of Horses and Men, Woman at War), and Klaus Doldinger (Das Boot, The Neverending Story, Tatort), will be the main guests of this day in several conferences/panels.

Klaus Doldinger is the winner of the SoundTrack_Cologne Lifetime Achievement Award 2019, as it was previously announced here:

SoundTrack_Cologne 16 - Klaus Doldinger


This day will also include special panels called ‘Reality Check / Case Study’ that match directors and composers to talk about their joint experience in projects, having the participation of composers Oliver Kranz, Volker Bertelmann/Hauschka, Marcel Becker-Neu, and Franziska Henke.


TV - Saturday 31st of August

Composers Christoph M. Kaiser and Julian Maas (Bauhaus – A New Era, Jack, This is Love), Lolita Ritmanis (Justice League vs. the Fatal Five, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, The Spectacular Spider-Man), Stefan Will (4Blocks, Berlin One), and Maurizio Malagnini (Call The Midwife) will be the main guests of this day in several conferences/panels.

SoundTrack_Cologne 16 - TV


From 9:00h till 18:00h, the Jeff Rona Masterclass will be held, aimed at beginners as well as experienced composers who want to learn different composing techniques for video games, with composers Jeff Rona (God of War III, Devil May Cry 5) and Helge Borgarts (The Surge 2).

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During the morning, the clips for the European Talent Competition and Peer Raben Music Award will be shown in the Auditorium, with the award ceremony being celebrated that night.

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The full program of SoundTrack_Cologne 16 can be found in the following links:

PDF Version –

Congress –

Films (See The Sound) –


The regular price for full accreditations covering all events is 110 € / 45 € (students), and day passes are available for 60 € / 35 € (students). Accreditations are available through the following link: