SoundTrack_Cologne 19 – TV composers announced

The 19th edition of SoundTrack_Cologne (8 – 11.06.22 / Cologne, Germany), has announced its guest composers for the TV thematic block: Hesham Nazih, Hannah von Hübbenet, Max Filges, Christoph Schauer, and Giorgio Giampá.


SoundTrack_Cologne’s program consists of four major thematic blocks ‘Composing for Games’ (Thu), ‘Composing for Film’ (Fri) ‘Composing for TV series’ (Sat) and ‘Reality Check’ (Thu – Sat), among others.


On Saturday, June 11, 2022, five composers will join at SoundTrack_Cologne for an in-depth discussion of their careers, and the complexities and challenges of scoring for a tv series: “Moon Knight” composer Hesham Nazih, “Charité” composer Hannah von Hübbenet, “Sløborn” composers Max Filges & Christoph Schauer, and Award-winning composer Giorgio Giampá (“Christian”).

SoundTrack_Cologne 19 - TV composers announced


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