Congress – SoundTrack_Cologne 13

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The next August, Wednesday 24 to Sunday 28, will be held in Cologne (Germany) the 13th edition of SoundTrack_Cologne, a conference on composing music for movies, games and TV shows, which bring together all kinds of professional and fans sector.

Festival Soundtrack Cologne



On Thursday 25 will be dedicated to music in games, which under the name Theme Day “Games” will feature the presence of Jessica Curry ( “Dear Esther”, “Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture”) and other composers to be confirmed.

On Friday 26 will be dedicated to music applied to films under the name Theme Day “Music in Movies”, with the assistance of Ilan Eshkeri ( “Still Alice”, “Kick-Ass”, “Shaun – The Sheep”) Cliff Martinez ( “Drive”, “Sex, Lies, and Videotapes”), Jasmin Reuter ( “24 Weeks”, accompanied by its director Anne Zohra Berrached) and Oscar nominee Gary Yershon ( “Happy-Go-Lucky” “Mr.Turner”).

Saturday 27 will be dedicated to music in the television series under the name Theme Day “Music in TV”, with the presence of Jeff Russo ( “Fargo”), Reinhold Heil ( “Cloud Atlas”, “Deutschland 83” ), Miriam Cutler ( “Ethel”, “The Hunting Ground”) and Łukasz Targosz ( “Floating Skyscrapers”, “The Game”).

In total will be held about 30 round tables, conferences, workshops and meetings, where composers talk about their current and future work, as well as the way they address the projects involved, interacting with other professionals and the public to go to congress.

Festival Soundtrack Cologne-2015

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