Two Steps From Hell – Thomas Bergersen & Nick Phoenix – Tour postponed to 2021

UPDATE (28/2/2021): Tour postponed from 2021 to 2022 (read more)

UPDATE (8/5/2022): Full and detailed information about the tour has been published (read more)


A few weeks ago we informed you that part of the concerts of the European tour of Two Steps from Hell (Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix), had been postponed to 2021 (read news), and today, it has been officially announced that the rest of the concerts will also be moved to 2021, changing the dates of the entire tour from April 2020 to April and May 2021.

Two Steps From Hell - Thomas Bergersen & Nick Phoenix - Tour postponed to 2021


Official announcement, due to quarantine caused by the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic:


“Dear fans, thank you for your patience over the past week. Due to the current global health situation we have had to postpone ALL shows of our 2020 spring tour until 2021. All tickets will remain valid for the new dates.



HOF 28.04.2021 (previously 16.04.2020)

PRAGUE 29.04.2021 (previously 17.04.2020)

PRAGUE 30.04.2021 (previously 18.04.2020)

BERLIN 02.05.2021 (previously 19.04.2020)

LONDON 05.05.2021 (previously 22.04.2020)

PARIS 07.05.2021 (previously 24.04.2020)

PARIS 08.05.2021 (additional show)

BRUSSELS 12.05.2021 (previously 23.04.2020)

AMSTERDAM 14.05.2021 (previously 25.04.2020)

AMSTERDAM 15.05.2021 (previously 26.04.2020)

VIENNA 18.05.2021 (previously 29.04.2020)


Whilst we are very sorry that we can‘t perform this year, we are also overwhelmed by your support. Please take care of yourselves and each other. We hope to see you all on tour in 2021.”


More information about the tour:


Official website: