XIII Jerry Goldsmith Awards – Date changed

Film Music Festival announced yesterday that the Jerry Goldsmith Awards, which this year 2018 celebrate its XIIIth edition, are delayed to September due to the amount of works presented and in order for the jury to dedicate the necessary time to evaluate them.


The awards ceremony, which in the last editions has been happening the first week of July during the MOSMA festival, changes its date, and so the 3rd of September nominees will be published, as well as more information about the awards ceremony.


Here you have the full and official statement (follow link):

“Dear composers,


From Film Music Festival, main organizer of the Jerry Goldsmith Awards, we wanted to get in touch with all of you, composers and followers of these prestigious awards, to take you through the new steps that they are going to take in their, already, long journey.

As you know, the Jerry Goldsmith Awards are internationally consolidated after an intense and fruitful evolution of thirteen years. This Awards have always had, as a goal, recognizing the work of composers for the audiovisual world (film, television, videogames, advertising, or any other medium of clear visual nature); composers of especially wonderful works that may go unnoticed for much of the fans and reviewers, but deserve greater recognition and public exposure. These are awards in which any composer of young and innovative spirit can be a part of, if he or she wishes to, regardless of his or her age.

If in these last four years we had already felt especially overwhelmed and proud of the large number of great works that had been submitted to the awards, this year’s event again breaks the most optimistic expectations. More than 600 projects presented to the 8 different award categories. With more than 230 composers from all corners of the planet.

From our country, or United States, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, or as far away as China, Japan, or the Arab Emirates. The selection of works is really brilliant globally, enough as to continue feeling proud of our awards, confirming that its evolution is clear and firm.

And this is only a sample of the support that these awards are having from all parts of the world, not only from the participating composers, but of the music industry for the audiovisual media in general, we sense we need to take firm and determined steps to continue the evolution of these awards into the most prestigious in the world in its kind.

Your trust, affection and continuous presence year after year in these awards deserves that all this work has enough time to be reviewed in detail. And they also deserve a space and platform of their own, with greater importance and presence for all of you. Where the Jerry Goldsmith Awards are the only protagonists.

Therefore, we have made several decisions for this current edition, the XIII Jerry Goldsmith Awards.

First, with the submission period already closed for this edition, we will delay the announcement of the nominees of all categories to next September 3rd. We need the jury to dedicate the time and attention all of your work deserves. It was deemed as too precipitated to held the awards in the International Film Festival of Malaga, MOSMA, in which Film Music Festival is fully involved and which we invite you all to visit, given the impressive number of guests and concerts presented in this current edition.

On September 3rd we will reveal the names of the 10 finalists in each of the categories. On that date we will communicate the phases and manner in which said announcements will be made public.

Also on September 3rd, we will announce the manner in which we will celebrate and unveil the winners of all categories of this thirteenth edition of the Jerry Goldsmith Awards, including our Golden Jerry Goldsmith Award.

It will happen in a new in-situ event, as a response to that further step that we must achieve to continue the evolution and grow of these awards. An in-situ event focused solely on the awards. On the figure of Jerry Goldsmith and on the family of great composers who worked with him, followed him and currently continue to admire him.

Once again we want to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank all the composers participating in the awards for submitting their works and for their support, both newcomers and those who have participated in previous editions. One more year you show that you continue to excel with the quality and originality of your work. And with this, you give greater prestige and international presence to our awards.

Thank you, Danke, Shukran, 谢谢, Tak, Merci, ευχαριστώ, dank u wel, köszönöm, grazie, ありがとうございました, dziękuję, спасибо, teşekkür ederim,… ¡GRACIAS!”


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