XV Jerry Goldsmith Awards – Winners

Yesterday, Saturday April 15, the gala ceremony of the XV edition of the Jerry Goldsmith Awards was held at the Teatro Diego Martínez de La Cultural de Úbeda (Jaén, Spain).


While waiting for the official list of winners, here is the list obtained from the official Facebook page:

  • Fabian Kratzer is the winner in the category of Music For Advertising.
  • Elia Cmiral wins the Jerry Goldsmith Award for Free Creation. Although he was unable to attend, he sent a video to thank for the award.
  • Eduardo Granell is the winner of the Best Music for Performing Arts Award for his work for “Dos Amores”.
  • The fantastic music for Vinland Saga composed by Yutaka Yamada is the winner of the Jerry Goldsmith Awards for Television. From Los Angeles he sends a thank you video for the award.
  • In the category of Best Music for Short Film the winner is Adriano Aponte for his work for “Fame”.
  • “Sal de Agosto” by Alberto Torres is the winner for Best Song.
  • Alex Heffes is the winner for Best Documentary Music for his work for “The Artic: Our Last Great Wilderness” (he was unable to attend).
  • Kazuma Jinnouchi wins the Jerry Goldsmith Award for Best Video Game Music for his music for “Marvel’s Iron Man VR”.
  • Arturo Díez Boscovich wins the award for Best Music For Feature Film for his work for “Urubú”.
  • A new category is born this year: The Chameleon Jerry Goldsmith Award, to reward those composers who know how to adapt to all circumstances, styles and stories. The statuette goes to Alberto Torres.
  • And finally, to close the awards ceremony, the winner of the Golden Jerry is Arturo Díez Boscovich.


More information about the awards and photos (including the one illustrating this article), in the official Jerry Goldsmith Awards Facebook group:


XV Premios Jerry Goldsmith - Ganadores


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