David Arnold and Michael Giacchino – Concert ‘Settling the Score’ – Pictures and brief review

On Friday, October 18th, we enjoyed a wonderful concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London (UK), full of fantastic music from two great composers (David Arnold & Michael Giacchino), with pieces paired in “rounds” that were announced as if we were in a boxing match.


Between pieces, we had funny appearances and speeches, with David Arnold dressed like Godzilla, Sherlock, Princess Leia, and Independence Day’s jet pilot, confronted by Michael Giacchino as Dr. Strange and Star Trek’s Captain Kirk.


The show had the stellar appearances of writer Neil Gaiman, director Colin Trevorrow (funnily reminded by Giacchino that the music of his movies was not being played on this concert), and Matt Reeves, who asked Michael on stage, kneeled as if it was a marriage proposal, if he would score the upcoming ‘Batman’ movie, to which Michael said YES, being celebrated with the cheering and applause from the audience. We also enjoyed the presence of ‘British Prime ministerBoris Johnson (well, sort of…) and ‘US PresidentDonald Trump introducing two wonderful non-film music pieces for the London Olympics 2012 (Arnold) and NASA 60th Anniversary (Giacchino).


Gavin Greenaway did an outstanding job, getting a solid, balanced, and great sound from a brilliant Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, showing the amazing quality of the musicians, despite having a very limited amount of time to rehearse.


In summary, we had a magnificent night, very well produced and performed, where we can say for sure that it was not Michael who won the duel, neither was David… it was the audience, who enjoyed a wonderful one-time-only show, that we will keep in the memory for a very very long time.