2022-08-08 – 12:40 h

Rosebud Tienda de Cine has published the book “ Jerry Goldsmith. Versátil Estratega Emocional / Jerry Goldsmith. Versatile Emotional Strategist” by film music specialist Joan Bosch Hugas; a book divided into two volumes (Volume I: 1957-1979, Volume II: 1980-2003), with a total of 709 pages adding the two volumes.


The book includes an extensive review of each feature film of the composer (whether for the big screen or for television), accompanied by the promotional poster, as well as the existing discography annotated along with the cover art. Each feature film is treated individually, trying to contextualize it with the contemporary cinematographic activity and the artistic evolution of Goldsmith, trying to analyze the music as an integrated element of the film.


As the author tells us, the production for television series is of capital importance to understand the artistic evolution of the composer and, generally, little is said about it, having a chapter dedicated extensively to this subject, which has been written after having visualized approximately 80% of his production.


The book, with a size of 17,00 x 24,00 cms approx. (each volume) and with more than 500 Color & B/W photographs, has in its first volume a foreword by the renowned soundtrack producer, Robert Townson.



Volume I (1957-1979)

  • Introducción y agradecimientos… (pag 9)
  • Prólogo. Mi amistad con Jerry Goldsmith por Robert Townson… (pag 11)
  • Capítulo I. El “sello Goldsmith”. Aproximación al estilo de un alquimista pragmático por Dion Baillargeon Binimelis… (pag 19)
  • Capítulo II. Apunte biográfico… (pag 37)
  • Capítulo III. Composiciones para largometrajes (1957-1979) … (pag 45)


Volume II (1979-2003)

  • Capítulo III. Composiciones para largometrajes (1980-2003) … (pag 7)
  • Capítulo IV. Música para series de televisión… (pag 293)
  • Capítulo V. Composiciones rechazadas… (pag 317)
  • Capítulo VI. La obra concertística, trailers, fanfarrias y encargos no fílmicos… (pag 324)
  • Anexos:
    • Anexo I. Filmografía… (pag 332)
    • Anexo II. Música para series de televisión… (pag 346)
    • Anexo III. Bibliografía… (pag 354)
    • Anexo IV. Índice de películas… (pag 357)


Link to purchase the book (price for both volumes 34,95€): [SPANISH ONLY]