2023-01-20 – 14:00 h

BMI – Broadcast Music, Inc has organized its Composer Roundtable “Music & Film: The Creative Process” at this year’s Sundance Film Festival on Tuesday, January 24, 2023 at 11:30h at The Box at The Ray. The panel features composers with music in films premiering at the Festival including Lauren Culjak (Judy Blume Forever), Jordan Dykstra (20 Days in Mariupol), Niki and Zack Hexum (A Still Small Voice), Heather McIntosh (Cat Person), and Ryan Rumery (Food and Country).


Academy, Emmy and GRAMMY Award-winning composer Ludwig Göransson will moderate the conversation as the participants discuss the role of music in film, the collaborative dynamic they have with directors, the challenges they face when making musical choices to support the narratives, and the important creative responsibilities that film composers take on to convey aspects of the story beyond the reach of the camera.


The event is open to Sundance Film Festival credential holders. For more information: