2021-10-06 – 16:00 h

25 years ago, when the internet was in its infancy, a handful of film music review websites were established, pioneering online film music criticism with a new generation of writers and broadcasters who were taking advantage of this new medium for the first time.


Now, a quarter of a century later, the International Film Music Critics Association has celebrated a special event commemorating the dedication and longevity of five of these critics, with an anniversary round table looking back at the history of online film music criticism.


Moderated by IFMCA member Tim Burden, the event featured a live and interactive conversation between five of these forerunners: Jonathan Broxton of Movie Music UK, Christian Clemmensen of Filmtracks, Christopher Coleman of Tracksounds, James Southall of Movie Wave, and Erik Woods of Cinematic Sound Radio.


The event was streamed live on Sunday, October 3rd 2021, and now you can watch it here: