Christopher Young will be the main guest at the Festival Musimagen Brasil 2019

¡It’s official! Christopher Young will be the main and only international guest composer at the Festival Musimagem Brasil 2019.


The Festival Musimagem Brasil, organized by the Brazilian Association of Composers of Music for Audiovisual, will celebrate its 5th edition from November 21 to 24, 2019 in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais, Brazil).

Festival Musimagen Brasil 2019


On this 5th edition, American composer Christopher Young and Brazilian composer Edino Krieger will be the recipients of the Remo Usai Career Award (Remo Usai is 91-year-old a famous Brazilian composer who is retired now, and who was Miklós Rózsa’s pupil). This will be the first time that this career award is given to a non-Brazilian composer.

Christopher Young will be the main guest at the Festival Musimagen Brasil 2019


SoundTrackFest has collaborated with Festival Musimagem Brasil during 2019, to build up this 5th edition, getting Christopher Young to the festival, and helping to shape the program, which will include concerts, award ceremony, and panels/masterclasses for the general audience and for professional Brazilian composers.


Gorka Oteiza, founder and director of SoundTrackFest, will attend the festival, where he will be part of the panels/masterclasses that will be celebrated there. Robert Townson, renowned record & concert producer, and founder of Robert Townson Productions, will also attend the festival and will be an important guest of Musimagem Brasil 2019, being part of the panels/masterclasses.


Final program of the festival will be completed soon, and through SoundTrackFest’s partnership with Festival Musimagem Brasil, we will publish it as soon as it is available.


Meanwhile, you can read more information about the festival, which is worthy to keep an eye on, and that had Luis IvarsBruno Coulais, Laurence Rosenthal, and Bruce Broughton, as main guests in previous editions: