Festival Musimagem Brasil 2021 – Program

UPDATE (22/08/2021): Program updated


The Festival Musimagem Brasil, organized by the Brazilian Association of Composers of Music for Audiovisual – Musimagem, has unveiled the program for its 7th edition, which will be celebrated from August 23 to 29, 2021, broadcast completely for free on the festival’s website.

Festival Musimagem Brasil 2021 - Program


The festival will include workshops, panels, and interviews, with an impressive line-up of composers and film music world professionals, with names such as the following in the program: John Ottman, Craig Safan, Richard Band, Bruce Broughton, Luis Ivars, Ivan Martínez Lacamara, Manel Santisteban, Heitor Pereira, Vivian Aguiar Buff, Marion Lemonier, Diego Navarro, Robert Piaskowski, Marcos Souza, Robert Townson, Mikael Carlsson, Zeh Netto, Alexandre Guerra, Wagner Tiso, Edu Lobo, Felipe Radicetti, Alberto Rosenblit, Antonio Teoli, Rafael Vicole, Fernando Aranha.


SoundTrackFest is proud to be a partner of the festival, having collaborated on its program, organizing a very special panel on Sunday, August 29, to talk about ‘Film Music Festivals – Past, Present, and Future’ with the participation of Diego Navarro (Fimucité), Robert Piaskowski (Krakow FMF) and Marcos Souza (Musimagem Brasil), moderated by Gorka Oteiza (SoundTrackFest).

Festival Musimagem Brasil 2021 - Program


Below you can find the detailed day by day program of Festival Musimagem Brasil 2021:

Monday 23/8/2021

  • 20:30h – Festival OpeningLaunching of interactive experiences. The Board of Directors presents the festival and inaugurates the interactive experiences. Starting this day, the audience will be able to play with the new soundtrack games of the Festival. The Virtual Tour, getting to know the audio creation process of a film, will be accessible to all in a 360º game, touring the studios of audio professionals. The audience will also be able to play with images and the right music in the game ‘The right music for the right scene’.


Friday 27/8/2021

  • 09:00h – Opening of the Virtual Cinema room, hosting screenings of short films with music by Musimagem composers, divided into one program per day of the festival. Each day the viewers will be able to watch films with soundtracks that will be explained beforehand how they were created, bringing the audience even closer to the music as a narrative of the image.


  • 10:00h – Panel with European composers Ivan Martínez Lacamara (Spain) & Manel Santisteban (Spain), creators of the soundtrack for the TV Series ‘La Casa de Papel/Money Heist’, moderated by Luis Ivars (Spain).


  • 13:00h – Women in AudiovisualVivian Aguiar Buff (composer, Dreamworks), Amanda Lopes (mulheresaudiovisual.com), Luíza Alvim (researcher), Rosana Svartman (director), moderated by Marion Lemonier (composer, Globo News) will talk about the women in the audiovisual market, both Brazilian and international.


  • 16:00h – Conference by composer Bruce Broughton (USA), moderated by Brazilian composers Zeh Netto and Alexandre Guerra.


  • 19:00h – Conference with Brazilian composers Wagner Tiso & Edu Lobo moderated by composer Felipe Radicetti.


  • 20:30h – Remo Usai Award Ceremony – Sergio Saraceni Sergio Saraceni is a composer, orchestrator, and music producer, who for forty years was mainly dedicated to creating soundtracks for more than forty feature films, and dozens of soap operas and series, with emphasis on ‘Anos Dourados’, ‘Roque Santeiro’, ‘A Muralha’, ‘Belíssima’, ‘Nunca fuimos tan felices’, ‘Anchieta José do Brasil’, ‘Al sur de mi cuerpo’, ‘Tienda de los milagros’, among others. Next: CONCERT MUSIMÁGICOS – Concert with the music of members of Musimagem Brasil.


Saturday 28/8/2021

  • 10:00h – Workshop: What do you feel when you hear this. With composer Alberto Rosenblit.


  • 13:00h – Musical Tracks by Moacir Santos and debate about the book ‘Interviews with Brazilian Composers of Music for Audiovisuals and Dramaturgy’ by Lucas Bonetti. This book exposes metanarratives that permeate each of the interviews to form a compendium of how part of the production of soundtracks and musical tracks takes place in Brazil today, as well as pointing to the past, to understand the main changes over the past decades.


  • 16:00h – Does it still make sense to record soundtrack CDs and LPs? With Robert Townson (Canada) – CEO of Robert Townson Productions and former Vice President of Varese Sarabande Records, the world’s oldest soundtrack label still in operation. Mikael Carlsson (Sweden) – Composer and CEO of the Swedish label Moviescore Media, founded in 2006, and specialized in releasing soundtrack albums by European and North American composers. Moderated by Marcos Souza & João Batista Melo.


  • 19:00h – Thriller, Fantasy, and Horror music in movies with Richard Band (USA). Composer of the soundtracks for well over one hundred films in addition to television and interactive games in the most varied genres, many of them for films of the Thriller and Horror genre, such as the soundtracks of the ‘Re-Animator’ franchise, ‘Mutant’, ‘Dragonworld’, ‘Troll’, ‘From Beyond’, ‘Puppet Master’ and multiple episodes of the ‘Stargate SG-1’. Among various awards, Band was nominated for an Emmy for the soundtrack to the series ‘Masters of Horror’.


  • 20:30h – Four decades of soundtracks for films and series in Hollywood with Craig Safan (USA). Composer of a hundred soundtracks, including ‘The Last Starfighter’, ‘Remo Williams, the Adventure Continues’, ‘Thief’, ‘Major Payne’, all seasons of the sitcom ‘Cheers’, and episodes of the series ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’, ‘The Twilight Zone’, and ‘Amazing Stories’. He was nominated for an Emmy for the music from the series ‘Life Goes On’.


Sunday 29/8/2021

  • 10:00h – Film Music Festivals – Past, present, and future. This panel will explore how three different film music festivals, in three different countries and two different continents, were created and started to grow, and how the pandemic changed all their plans, and are now adapting for the future.


The panel will have the participation of: Diego Navarro (Spain) – Composer, conductor, and artistic director of the Fimucité festival, held on the island of Tenerife. Marcos Souza (Brazil) – Idealizer and general director of Musimagem Brasil Festival. Robert Piaskowski (Poland) – Artistic Director and co-founder of Krakow Film Music Festival. Moderated by Gorka Oteiza (Spain) – Founder and director of SoundTrackFest.


  • 13:00h – Workshop on Dynamic Game Music Creation – What elements are applicable in the creation of dynamic game music? Composer Antonio Teoli will present the creative process of creating live music, exporting this music in layers, and implementing it in the popular tool Fmod, widely used for dynamic music in games.


  • 16:00h – Workshop: Heitor Pereira’s Creative Process. Two hours inside the studio of the composer of the films Despicable Me, Angry Birds, The Smurfs, and many others. Heitor will show how he works and how he faces the challenges of creating original music for films. Heitor is Brazilian but has lived in the USA for many years and has worked with Hans Zimmer and other Hollywood composers.


  • 19:00h – Conference with composer John Ottman (USA). Composer and editor, he has received an Oscar for Best Editing for ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, based on the life of Freddie Mercury. He is the soundtrack writer for dozens of films, including ‘Fantastic Four, ‘X-Men 2’, ‘Valkyrie’, ‘The Usual Suspects’,Jack the Giant Slayer’ and ‘Superman Returns’. He was nominated for an Emmy Award for the music in the series ‘Fantasy Island’.


  • 20:30h – Closing Ceremony – Concert by Orquestra Ouro Preto with augmented reality insertions, available for free on the Orchestra’s YouTube channel and on the festival’s platform.


* The lectures, panels, and round tables will have simultaneous translation into Portuguese or English, with the exception of the round table “European Composers”, which will be translated into Portuguese only.


NOTE: All times in this program are local times in Brazil (GMT-3). To get the broadcast times in your country, you can use the following reference:

  • Continental Europe (CEST) -> +5h
  • Pacific Time – US West Coast (PDT) -> -4h
  • Eastern Time – US Eastern Coast (EDT) -> -1h
  • United Kingdom (BST) -> +4h


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