Film Symphony Orchestra – DRACUL – Special Halloween concert in Madrid

Next Tuesday, October 31st, the Film Symphony Orchestra led by Constantino Martínez-Orts, will take a break from its current 2023-2024 ‘Henko’ tour (read more), to offer a special Halloween concert at the Auditorio Nacional de Música in Madrid, Spain entitled ‘DRACUL’.

Film Symphony Orchestra - DRACUL - Special Halloween concert in Madrid


DRACUL’ will transport us to the most sinister corners of suspense and horror cinema through the scores of films such as Dracula, Psycho, Jaws, Nightmare Before Christmas, Alien, Frankenstein, Poltergeist, Predator, Signs, The Omen, Coco, Casper, The Addams Family, Gremlins, The Witches of Eastwick… among many others!


Suspense will be the common theme of the show that, through mythical film titles of the genre, will take the audience to a disturbing world of witches, devils, vampires, spells, incantations, and fearsome beasts. In addition, the FSO invites the public to come in their “spookiest” costumes. “It will be a show full of mystery and suspense to accompany Halloween night. The spectator should be prepared to be scared and receive an unexpected fright”, says Martínez-Orts.


The concert will feature the following vocal soloists: Alejandro Von Büren, Blanca Valido, Miguel Ferrer, Paloma Friedhoff, and Toni Dublet.