FIMUCITÉ 13 – Film Scoring Academy

The Tenerife International Film Music Festival (FIMUCITÉ) has presented the program of one of its most anticipated parallel activities, the FIMUCITÉ Film Scoring Academy for Audiovisual Composers, which this year celebrates its 4th edition on 25, 26 & 27th of September.


These training activities, free of charge, will take place in the Aula Magna of the Professional Music Conservatory of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (CPM Tenerife).


Let’s see a summary of the planned activities (each with duration of 2h):

Wednesday 25th – 12h – “Music: Its energy, challenges, and rewards”. Composer Vince DiCola, author of ‘Rocky IV’ and ‘Transformers: The Movie’ will address in his lecture the energy and the power of music. Not only limited to film, television, and video games, but to the whole compendium of his life and career. Through his own experience, he will break down some of the challenges he faces during the creative process and the rewards that are derived from dedication, hard work… and patience.


Wednesday 25th – 15h – “The composer’s discipline: work and practice”. Composer Randy Edelman, author of legendary soundtracks such as ‘Dragonheart’ or ‘The Last of the Mohicans’, will talk during his presentation on the basic and elementary aspects that shape the solvency of a professional composer: the development of a method based on motivation and, more importantly, his/her work discipline. A common day of a creator from an objective perspective.


Thursday 26th – 12h – “Understanding the creative process: Crossing an endless journey”. Composer Harry Manfredini, acclaimed in the genre of horror, as evidenced by his brilliant works for film sagas such as ‘Friday 13’ or ‘House’, will offer a portrait of the interaction with producers and directors, both to defend ideas from an artistic point of view, as well as to develop the ability to find work in an industry as competitive as the audiovisual industry.


Thursday 26th – 15h – “Be true to your own style”. Christopher Young returns to the Film Scoring Academy with a new and motivating master class. The versatile author of works such as ‘Hellraiser’ and ‘Drag Me to Hell’ will break down the strategies that a composer must follow in his professional career to be able to breathe originality into his commissions, but always keeping the identity signs that characterize a professional artistic career.


Friday 27th – 12h – “The life of a score: Before and after the movie premiere”. In an industry that reinvents itself and transforms constantly, the needs and requirements are also affected by such changes; not only for composers but also for filmmakers and consumers of film music (fans, festivals, concert programmers…). Matthijs Kieboom and Magda Miska-Jackowska will offer us insight information so that a composer is able to satisfy different types of audiences and consumers.


Friday 27th – 15h – “On the tightrope: The red line in the profession of the audiovisual composer”. Darío Palomo, President of Musimagen, who already spoke in the last edition about the rights of the composer when registering and protecting the ownership of his work, offers this year a broad speech about how a professional audiovisual composer should dignify himself/herself as a professional within the industry, in order to promote solid structures, with a view to a stable market in which to develop a career.

FIMUCITÉ 13 - Film Scoring Academy


Registration to attend the master classes of the 4th edition of the FIMUCITÉ Film Scoring Academy, in which participants will receive an official diploma for their attendance, can be done at the following link till 25th of September (limited admission):


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