Game Music Ensemble concert with Neal Acree

Neal Acree, winner of the Jerry Goldsmith Award for best composer in 2016, presented at the first edition of the MOSMA, and who’s invited again this year to the second edition of the festival, will head the Game Music Ensemble in Los Angeles (California), to conduct a selection of his music of the video game Revelation Online.

Game Music Ensemble & Neal Acree


The concert will take place this Sunday, February 26th – 7:00 pm at the Ackerman Grand Ballroom – UCLA (University of California – Los Angeles) where the Game Music Ensemble, composed of an orchestra and choir of over 150 people in total, will feature taiko drums and soloists Bei Bei and Jie Ma from the original recording of Revelation Online, to perform the music.

Game Music Ensemble in Concert


Neal Acree will share podium with Jose Daniel Ruiz and Adam Gilberti, who have prepared a very special concert of almost two hours of classic video games music.


The entrance to the concert is free until the capacity of the venue is reached, estimated at 1,200 seats, and concert can also be followed live from Game Music Ensemble‘s Youtube Live account here: