GEMS Course and Playphonia concert with Garry Schyman

GEMS Global Entertainment Music, that recently organized a course in Madrid for young composers under the tutelage of Christopher Young (read news), which was attended by SoundTrackFest to write an article that will be published soon, has just announced a new course for September focused on music for video games.

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This new course will have the composer specialist in videogames Garry Schyman, will last 1 day (from 10am to 8pm) and will take place on Monday, 25th of September in Valencia and on Thursday, 28th of September in Madrid.

Garry Schyman is known for his music for the games of the BioShock saga, in addition to his compositions for videogames such as Destroy All Humans!, Destroy All Humans! 2, Resistance: Retribution, Front Mission Evolved, Dante’s Inferno, and the new Middle Earth – Shadow of War game to be released in October 2017.

Garry Schyman


The cost of registration for the course is € 250 (Madrid or Valencia) and you can find more information about it in:


Also note that the course includes tickets for a special concert entitled “Playphonia, Classical Music of Video Games”, to be held on Friday, September 29th – 10:30 pm at the National Auditorium of Music of Madrid with the Metropolitan Orchestra of Madrid and the Talia Choir conducted by Silvia Sanz Torre.

Metropolitan Orchestra of Madrid and the Talia Choir


This concert will include a full program dedicated to video game music with a world premiere of a three movement half-hour BioShock symphony suite, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the first installment of the game. In total Playphonia will offer 6 absolute world premieres and 2 national premieres, commissioned by its organizer David Rodriguez Cerdan, with the presence of Garry Schyman, and music by composers Jessica Curry, Olivier Deriviere, David Garcia Diaz, Jon Hillman and Austin Wintory.


The complete program of the concert is as follows:

David García Díaz (1977)
Rime – Suite nº 2 ‘Playphonia’ (2016/2017) *
arr: Claudio Ianni


Austin Wintory (1984)
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – Suite (2015) **
orq: Dave Peacock


Olivier Derivière (1978)
Get Even – Suite for String Orchestra (2017) *
arr: Arturo Rodríguez


Garry Schyman (1954)
BioShock – Symphonic Suite (2007-13/2017) *
I. BioShock
II. BioShock II
III. BioShock: Infinite
orq & arr: Jordan Cox & Peter Bateman


Austin Wintory (1984)
Abzû (2016) **
Baleanoptera Musculus
Delphinus Delphis


Jon Hillman (1982)
That Dragon, Cancer – Suite (2016/2017) *


Olivier Derivière (1978)
Remember Me – Suite for Grand Orchestra (2013/2017) *
orq: Olivier Derivière & Kareem Roustom / arr: Arturo Rodríguez


Jessica Curry (1973)
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture – Concert Suite (2015/2017) *
orq: Jim Fowler / arr: Dave Foster
letra de Dan Pinchbeck

* Commissioned by Grupo Concertante Talia and Playphonia. World premiere
** Premiere in Spain


Tickets for this concert, with prices between € 13 and € 29, can be purchased at:


And before the concert, the previous day Thursday, September 28th at 8:00 pm, a conference will be held at La Quinta de Mahler store in Madrid, with the presence of David Rodríguez Cerdan, Musical Director Silvia Sanz Torre, composers David Garcia Diaz (Rime) and Garry Schyman (BioShock) and pianist Gabriel Lopez Martinez, who will play the original piano version of “Cohen’s Masterpiece” (BioShock) that will be performed in a symphonic version at the concert. At the end of the event, a special cocktail will be offered to all the guests and a records and videogames signing will be organized.



More information about the concert and the previous presentation can be found on their Facebook events: