Christopher Young Film Scoring Program 2018

Christopher Young returns to Spain in 2018 (GEMS Seminar)

North American composer, Christopher Young, will be visiting Spain this summer, and same as he did last year, he will do it with GEMS (Global Entertainment Music) to offer a seminar dedicated to composing film music named “Christopher Young Film Scoring & Orchestral Recording Program Spain”.


This seminary already has its first edition with Christopher Young in July 2017 (read news), oriented to young composers who were beginning their careers and wanted help about their first steps, but also oriented to composers who were already working and wanted orientation from a Hollywood veteran like Chris Young.


Gorka Oteiza from SoundTrackFest attended this seminar in 2017 and left us this long review about its development and the recording sessions with the students, besides interviews with the participants and with Chris Young:

GEMS Global Entertainment Music 2017 - Christopher Young Seminar


Afterwards, on September 2017, Garry Schyman, composer specialized in video games music was invited to give a second seminary organized by GEMS. This seminar was followed by a concert offered in Madrid named Playphonia dedicated to video games soundtracks, which had Garry Schyman’s music and presence (read news).

GEMS Global Entertainment Music 2017 - Garry Schyman Seminar


GEMS Global Entertainment Music lead by its director Nigel Ashely Lees is preparing various seminars for 2018, being Christopher Young’s seminar in summer the first one to be announced, following later two other seminars with Garry Schyman and Andy Hill in dates to be determined yet.


Detailed information will be provided next week, and SoundTrackFest will be pending for timely reporting.


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