Krakow Film Music Festival announces dates for 2017

Krakow Film Music Festival, held in Krakow (Poland), is celebrating its tenth anniversary next year and has just announced dates for 2017: from Wednesday 17th to Tuesday 23rd of May 2017.

Krakow FMF 2016


So far, it is 9 years of history of the festival, in which there have been 190 thousand participants and 170 world-famous composers during 182 festival’s events, including 90 world premieres, as you can see in the following promotional video of the event:


So, being probably the best film music festival in Europe at the moment, Krakow FMF is preparing a special program for its tenth anniversary, as confirmed by director Robert Piaskowski in a conversation with SoundTrackFest a few months ago.


The official program will be released on Thursday 19th January 2017, and tickets will be on sale the same day.


We’ll continue reporting on more news from the festival as they happen, but meanwhile, you can read the summary article written by Gorka Oteiza (SoundTrackFest) of the 9th edition of the festival in 2016, as well as several interviews carried out during the festival in the following links: